Unveiling My Hiking Journey to Preikestolen

Embarking on the trek to Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, was a personal conquest, a testament to overcoming my reluctance towards hikes and embracing the allure of this iconic Norwegian landmark. Though not an avid enthusiast of arduous trails, the dream of standing atop Pulpit Rock spurred me into action.

Setting the Stage: Ferry to Tau and a Local Bus to Begin the Hike

Commencing my journey, I opted for a ferry ride to Tau, a picturesque town situated along the fjord. From Tau, the next leg of my adventure involved a local bus ride to the starting point of the Pulpit Rock hike. The crisp mid-April weather provided the perfect backdrop, with the cool breeze promising an enjoyable trek. Fully geared with appropriate clothing for the unpredictable weather, I donned a jean pant, a t-shirt, a woollen cap, and hand gloves, topped with a long winter jacket. Equipped with comfortable hiking shoes, a small backpack, and my trusty tripod doubling as a hiking stick, I was ready to face the ascent.

Gearing Up for the Hike

The trail commenced, and I soon found myself amid the undulating landscapes, capturing the beauty around with my Sony HX 400 camera and occasionally documenting moments with my Samsung S7 Android phone and Apple iPhone 7. The hike, while challenging at times, was surprisingly manageable. A few uncertain stretches demanded careful navigation, but confidence fueled my every step.

Meeting Fellow Travelers and Finding Motivation

Along the trail, encounters with fellow hikers from diverse corners of the world became a source of inspiration. The camaraderie among hikers, sharing stories and encouragement, injected a newfound energy into my journey. A short break amidst the hills allowed me to relish the cool breeze and capture the unfolding beauty. The intermittent drizzle and gusty winds added a touch of adventure to the experience, while my fellow hikers marveled at my resilience in the cold conditions.

Defying Expectations: A Cold-Weather Enthusiast

As a traveler hailing from the warm climes of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the sight of me braving the chilly winds without my winter jacket drew surprise and curiosity. It was a testament to my genuine love for cold weather conditions, relishing every moment of the cool breeze as I ascended towards the pinnacle.

Challenges and Unforgettable Moments

Navigating through the absence of restrooms posed a challenge, leading to some creative solutions during emergencies. Despite the hurdles, the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscapes, coupled with the encouragement of fellow hikers, fueled my determination to reach the summit.

The journey to Pulpit Rock was more than a hike; it was a personal triumph, an exploration of self, and an unforgettable adventure etched in the memories of conquering one’s limits.


Reveling in the Splendor of Pulpit Rock

After a challenging trek of almost 3-4 hours, the anticipation reached its peak as I approached the breathtaking viewpoint of Preikestolen, more commonly known as Pulpit Rock. The arduous journey was about to reveal its ultimate reward – an awe-inspiring spectacle that would make every step worthwhile. Surrounded by fellow visitors immersed in capturing this enchanting moment for their social media narratives, the atmosphere was charged with excitement.

Worth Every Step: A Magnificent Vista Above the Fjords

The sight that unfolded was nothing short of magical – Pulpit Rock perched majestically above the fjords, offering a panoramic view of the exotic scenery below. The sheer grandeur of the rock and the surrounding landscapes justified the physical exertion of the hike. The air buzzed with enthusiasm as visitors, myself included, embraced the opportunity to capture the beauty of this natural wonder. However, the popularity of the spot meant patiently waiting for one’s turn to secure that perfect photograph on the edge of the rock.

Unforgettable Gestures: A Bond Among Travelers

The camaraderie among hikers was evident, and I found unexpected kindness from fellow female travelers from Australia. Their willingness to assist me in capturing beautiful shots without the need for my tripod, which could be cumbersome on the rock’s surface, added an extra layer of warmth to the experience. On the descent, I crossed paths with Indian travelers, hailing from the UK, enjoying a break with their children. The shared joy of encountering fellow Indians in distant lands always added a delightful touch to my travel experiences.

Exhaustion and Culinary Quests

By the time I descended to the base of the hiking trail, exhaustion had set in. A 30-minute wait for the last bus was spent yearning for a quick meal. Hunger led me to a nearby restaurant, only to face disappointment as it had closed for the day. Undeterred, I boarded the last bus around 6 pm, bound for the ferry point en route to Stavanger.

Indian Delights in Norway

The ferry dropped me off at a different location than the departure point, and my journey continued with a delectable dinner at Mogul India Restaurant, managed by an Afghani. Norwegian affinity for Indian cuisine manifested in the presence of several Indian restaurants near the centrum. Satiated and content, I navigated back to my hotel using the offline map from the HereWeGo app, concluding the day’s adventures with a peaceful night’s sleep. Each challenge, disappointment, and triumph converged to create a chapter in my travel chronicles, etching Pulpit Rock as a symbol of resilience and reward in the heart of Norway’s fjord-studded landscapes.


Docking in Stavanger: Culinary Soiree Begins

As the ferry gently docked in Stavanger, the transition from the mesmerizing fjord views to the vibrant flavors of the city began. The arrival port, distinct from the departure point, presented an opportunity to explore Stavanger’s culinary landscape. My rendezvous with Stavanger’s nights commenced at the tantalizing Mogul India Restaurant, a gastronomic haven masterfully managed by an Afghani.

Spices on the Fjords: Mogul India’s Culinary Symphony

Mogul India Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Stavanger, promised an exquisite blend of Afghan warmth and the aromatic allure of Indian cuisine. The restaurant, adorned with the rich tapestry of Indian spices, became a hub where locals and visitors alike embraced the diverse flavors. The infusion of Afghan hospitality and Indian culinary traditions created an enchanting ambiance that resonated with the city’s multicultural ethos.

Note: The culinary symphony at Mogul India Restaurant served as a testament to Norwegians’ love for the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine, transcending geographical boundaries.

Stavanger’s Culinary Tapestry: A Post-Dinner Stroll

Post a delectable dinner, the cobblestone streets of Stavanger beckoned for an exploration of the city’s nocturnal charm. Though the night wrapped the city in a serene hush, the occasional laughter from nearby cafes and the subtle hum of conversations painted a portrait of a city that thrived in the tranquility of its nights.

Herewego to Tranquility: A 5-Minute Walk to Comfort

Guided by the Herewego app’s offline map, a short 5-minute walk through Stavanger’s alleys led me to the doorstep of my sanctuary for the night. The city’s rhythm, intertwined with the echoes of the day’s adventures, provided a gentle lullaby as I entered my hotel, promising a restful sleep.

Checked-In for Serenity: Embraced by Comfort

The hotel, a refuge of peace after a day’s exploration, welcomed me with open arms. The seamless check-in process marked the beginning of a serene night’s stay. The comfort of the room, coupled with the memories of Stavanger’s vibrant streets, set the stage for a tranquil night’s rest.

Stavanger Nights: A Symphony of Flavors and Serenity

As Stavanger’s night unfolded, the lingering taste of Mogul India’s culinary delights resonated. The quiet charm of the city’s nocturnal streets promised more tales untold. Stavanger’s nights, a symphony of flavors and serenity, whispered that every corner of the city held a promise of culinary and cultural discoveries.

Stay tuned for more tales from Stavanger’s nights, where each alley reveals a new chapter in the city’s vibrant nocturnal tapestry.

Experience the fusion of Afghan warmth and Indian spices at Mogul India Restaurant, and let Stavanger’s nights be a feast for your senses.

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