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The Prelude: Dreams Paved with Fjords

For every wanderer, Norway emerges as a dream etched in fjords, breathtaking landscapes, and the promise of an unparalleled road trip. The allure of this Scandinavian gem had captivated my imagination since 2015, and my heart yearned to traverse the winding roads amidst nature’s masterpiece. As I embarked on this long-anticipated journey in spring 2019, my excitement knew no bounds.

April 16 – Oslo Unveiled: A Night Arrival

The first leg of my Norwegian adventure commenced with a flight via SAS Airlines from Brussels to Oslo. The 1:50-hour journey, starting at 9 pm, ushered me into the serene embrace of Oslo under the blanket of night. A night arrival held its own mystique, promising a dawn unveiling of the wonders that awaited.

My stay at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport near the airport was a blend of comfort and convenience. The midnight hush surrounded the hotel, but the culinary generosity of the chef who whipped up a delightful veg burger ensured a satisfying end to the day.

Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport: A Tranquil Oasis

The hotel, equipped with a shuttle service for easy airport access, proved to be a haven for the weary traveler. Despite the late hour, the luxury and warmth of the accommodation, coupled with last-minute booking deals, set the tone for the adventure ahead.

Stay at Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport

As I retired for the night, Oslo whispered promises of the enchanting road trip that lay ahead. The echo of waterfalls, the allure of fjords, and the promise of discovering Norway’s beauty awaited with the dawn. This Norwegian odyssey had only just begun, and the road beckoned with tales of scenic wonders yet to unfold.

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