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A small town located in south eastern hordaland county. This is a base town if you are having a plan to hike “Trolltunga and blue glacier tours (buerbreen glacier)”.

Attractions near Odda:

Unlocking the Charms of a Picturesque Haven

Nestled in the embrace of South Eastern Hordaland County, the small town of Odda emerges as a gateway to extraordinary adventures. A haven for nature enthusiasts, Odda serves as the perfect base for those harboring dreams of conquering the legendary Trolltunga and embarking on blue glacier tours to the enchanting Buerbreen glacier.

Attractions Galore: Exploring Odda’s Rich Tapestry

  1. Røldal Stave Church: A Portal to the Past
    • Dating back to the years between 1200 and 1250, the Røldal Stave Church stands as a silent witness to centuries gone by. This historical gem is renowned for its healing crucifix, drawing pilgrims seeking solace and divine intervention.
  2. Trolltunga: Where Legends Take Flight
    • Perched majestically over 1100 meters above sea level, Trolltunga, or the Troll’s Tongue, is a rock cliff that has captured the imaginations of adventure seekers worldwide. The estimated 8-12 hour hike to this iconic landmark is a rite of passage for avid hikers. The recommended hiking season spans from June to September, offering optimal conditions to conquer this natural wonder. For those less experienced, guided hike tours are a prudent choice, ensuring a safe and memorable journey.
  3. Buerbreen Glacier: A Frozen Spectacle
    • Unveiling the grandeur of the third-largest glacier in Norway, the Buerbreen glacier beckons with a three-hour hike. A celestial journey through pristine landscapes, this glacier adventure is a testament to nature’s raw beauty.
  4. Låtefoss Waterfall: Nature’s Symphony
    • Regally earning the title of “King of Waterfalls,” Låtefoss is a majestic cascade that captivates with its awe-inspiring stature. Positioned as one of Norway’s most visited waterfalls, it reigns supreme in the heart of Oddadalen. The unique valley cradles a series of enchanting waterfalls, including Tjørnadalsfossen, Strandfossen, Vidfoss, Espelandsfossen, and the illustrious Låtefoss.

The Journey Begins: Road Trip Revelries

Embarking on a road trip to Odda unfolds a tapestry of wonders, where each attraction is a brushstroke painting the canvas of memories. Whether it’s the spiritual resonance of Røldal Stave Church, the heart-pounding ascent to Trolltunga, the glacial embrace of Buerbreen, or the symphony of water at Låtefoss, Odda stands as an embodiment of Norway’s natural treasures.

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``Odda Camping``


Journeying Through Mountains, Tunnels, and Tranquil Moments

20th April – A Serene Arrival at Odda

Leaving behind the thrill of Mt. Ulriken and the exhilarating zip line escapade, my compass pointed towards the charming town of Odda. A picturesque drive awaited, winding through mountains and highways, adding a touch of adventure to the journey. The road beckoned, promising three hours of scenic delights, including a ferry ride and encounters with tunnels that carved their way through the majestic landscape.

As I approached my abode for the night, Odda Camping emerged as a haven nestled just 5 minutes away from the town center. Offering an array of accommodations, from cozy cabins to dorms tailored for solo travelers, this retreat also provided parking spaces for caravans, motorhomes, and campers. The pièce de résistance was the serene lake view, casting a tranquil spell over the entire camp.

Odda Camping: A Sanctuary of Peace

For my night’s rest, I opted for an economical yet delightful bunk bed in a twin room. The room offered shared amenities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow travelers. The simplicity of Odda Camping, coupled with its natural surroundings, created a haven of calm—a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life.

With check-in formalities completed, I embarked on a short journey to the town center for dinner. Odda, adorned with closed shops and a handful of open restaurants, wore an air of serenity, free from the echoes of urban chaos. The silence was my companion, and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

Unfurling Disappointments and Choices

Regrettably, the weather played a capricious role, shrouding the famed Trolltunga hike in mist and uncertainty. Tours to this iconic landmark were suspended, casting a momentary shadow on my plans. Yet, in the face of this disappointment, a glimmer of optimism remained. The prospect of revisiting Norway in the future to embrace Trolltunga’s majesty ignited a spark of anticipation.

Odda, with its tranquil surroundings and the promise of untold adventures, became a canvas awaiting the strokes of exploration. As the night enveloped the landscape, I retired to my haven at Odda Camping, ready to unveil more wonders on the morrow.

``Låtefossen Waterfall``


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Where Mountains, Water, and Tranquility Converge

21st April – Easter Sunday in Odda

As the morning rays painted the mountains in hues of gold, Odda Camping emerged as a nature-embraced retreat. Nestled amid quiet waters and towering snow-capped peaks, this camp exuded a serene charm that resonated with the natural beauty surrounding it. A few kilometers from the camp, the enchanting Låtefossen waterfall cascaded down, inviting exploration. The proximity to such wonders made Odda Camping a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Exploring Odda Camping: A Symphony of Nature

Odda Camping unfolded its offerings—four new cabins, rooms, and impeccable sanitary facilities. The camp embraced 60 tents and caravans, each granted access to electricity and a well-equipped washing room complete with drying machines. A kiosk adorned with groceries, ice-cream, candy, and sodas stood as a delightful addition, catering to the whims of eager campers.

During the summer months, the camp transformed into a hub of activity. Fishing, lake swims, and canoe rentals opened avenues for unforgettable experiences. The stillness of the lake mirrored the tranquility of the surroundings, creating an idyllic retreat for those seeking respite in the lap of nature.

For more information: [Odda Camping](insert link)

Easter Sunday Chronicles: A Spiritual Pause

Easter Sunday unfolded in a town touched by the divine—Odda. As the holy weekend veiled the town in a hushed reverence, I missed the opportunity to attend the church service. Undeterred, I offered my prayers before the church, marking the culmination of my fast. With Easter heralding the end of dietary restrictions, I savored a delectable meal of Prawns Fried Rice and eggs in an Asian cuisine restaurant.

Glacier Tales and Frozen Rescues

Returning to the camp, fate wove an unexpected tale. A fellow traveler from northern India, sharing my dwelling at Odda Camping, sought my company to explore the glacier and waterfall. We embarked on a journey toward the glacier hike point, a 15-minute drive from Odda. The glacier’s allure proved irresistible for my co-traveler, urging him to embark on the challenging hike. However, recognizing the need for specialized gear and clothing, I opted to forgo the glacier trek.

As I wandered to the center for snacks, my co-traveler’s adventure took a dramatic turn. A slip on the snow-covered path led to an unintentional plunge into a frigid lake. Stranded, his body encased in ice, he cried for help. Fortunately, fellow hikers rushed to his aid, preventing a potentially dire situation. Although shaken, he returned to safety, marking the end of his glacier adventure.

Note: Glacier hikes are best attempted during the offseason, when snow and ice are in the process of melting. It’s crucial to be an experienced hiker or accompany a guide.

Låtefossen Waterfall: A Twin Cascade of Wonder

Post-glacier exploration, my journey unfolded towards the Låtefossen waterfall, a mere 21 kilometers from Odda Camping. Twin cascades of water danced in harmony, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. A parking spot near the falls offered a vantage point to soak in the beauty, and my co-traveler lent his photography skills as I stood beneath the falls, unable to carry my tripod.

As a waterfall aficionado, Låtefossen etched itself as one of the finest in my global waterfall pursuits. Having captured its beauty, I bid farewell to my co-traveler, dropping him back at Odda Camping, and resumed my drive toward the enchanting village of Flåm.

21st April –As it was Easter Sunday – Due to holy weekend, everything was closed and I missed the church service.  But I prayed in front of the church and I completed my fast successfully. Hereafter, I can eat non-vegetarian and had my food Prawns Fried rice and egg in one of the Asian cuisine restaurants.

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