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24th April – Journeying through the Arctic Expanse

Setting my sights on a new destination, I embarked on a captivating drive to the small town of Alta after a pause at Polar Park. This venture marked the beginning of a 430-kilometer, nearly 6-hour journey, a route that would take me through the heart of Tromso.

Alta Unveiled: A Glimpse of Ancient Treasures

Nestled in Finnmark County, Norway, Alta unfolded its charm as a small town with a significant historical footprint. The rock carvings near Jiepmaluokta bay, dating back from approximately 4200BC to 500BC, adorn Alta with the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Adding a modern touch, the Cathedral of Northern Lights emerged as a recent attraction, offering a celestial spectacle during the winter months.

A Night’s Rest in Alta: Tranquility Off the Beaten Path

Arriving in Alta, I opted for a two-night stay, strategically placing it between the upcoming drive to Nordkapp and the return journey to Tromso. The town, shrouded in quietude and tucked away from the main road, posed a slight challenge to locate. As I reached under the veil of the late-night Arctic sky, the hotel staff facilitated a seamless check-in by providing a password for key retrieval from a designated post-box.

Welcoming Hosts and Arctic Insights

The accommodation, a haven in the tranquility of Alta, proved to be a sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort. The late-night arrival did not hinder the warmth of Arctic hospitality as the female host, through thoughtful messaging, ensured that my check-in was smooth and informed.

Alta, with its ancient carvings and modern wonders, became the juncture of my Arctic exploration—a place where the echoes of the past met the promises of the future. The anticipation of what lay ahead on the E69, leading to the iconic Nordkapp, fueled my excitement, creating a symphony of Arctic wonders waiting to be unraveled.

To be continued as I set forth on the legendary E69 highway, en route to the northernmost point of Europe, Nordkapp.

``Cathedral of Alta``

``Altar of cathedral``

``Camp Alta``


25th April – The E69 Drive: A Dream Unfolds

As the dawn painted the Arctic sky with hues of soft pastels, I found myself standing in awe of the Northern Light Cathedral in Alta. Energized and fortified with a quick snack from REMA 1000, my gaze was fixed on the E69, the legendary highway that would carry me towards the northernmost point of Europe – Nordkapp. With a deep breath, I set forth on a 240-kilometer journey that promised to be more than just a drive; it was a pilgrimage to the edge of the world.

E69: A Pinnacle in the North

The European route E69, colloquially known as the E69 road, stood as a testament to engineering marvels against the backdrop of rugged Arctic landscapes. Spanning approximately 129 kilometers, this northernmost highway on the planet weaved its way between older fjords, connecting the realms of human ambition with the sublime grandeur of the North Cape. It comprised five tunnels, covering a total distance of 16 kilometers, with the crown jewel being the North Cape Tunnel, a sub-sea passage stretching over 7 kilometers.

Into the Heart of the Arctic: The Long Road to Nordkapp

Embarking on the E69 was akin to stepping into a dreamscape. The road unfolded before me like a narrative of frozen wonders, each curve telling a tale of resilience and endurance in the face of the Arctic’s might. The silent hum of the wheels on the asphalt was a melody that harmonized with the majestic fjords and snow-clad peaks.

As I delved deeper into the journey, the North Cape Tunnel emerged, a dark portal beneath the frigid waters. Seven kilometers later, it released me into the ethereal expanse that lay beyond – a realm where time seemed to slow, and the world held its breath.

Nordkapp: Beyond the Horizon

Nordkapp, the North Cape, awaited like a guardian at the edge of the Earth. The iconic globe sculpture stood testament to the human spirit’s audacity to venture into the unknown. Standing on the cliffs, I gazed across the Arctic Ocean, feeling the cool breeze whisper secrets of distant lands.

The realization that I stood at the northernmost point of Europe, where the vastness of the Arctic stretched endlessly before me, was an emotional crescendo. The dream of driving on the E69 and reaching Nordkapp was no longer a vision; it was a tangible reality, etched into the fabric of my Arctic odyssey.

To be continued as I reflect on the soul-stirring moments at Nordkapp and chart my course back down the E69, traversing the Arctic wonders once more.


25th April – Driving the Arctic Dream

The wheels of my vehicle hummed in harmony with the wind as I embarked on a daring expedition along the E69, the world’s northernmost highway. This wasn’t merely a drive; it was a pilgrimage to the Arctic’s heart, a dream etched in the fabric of my wanderlust. As the challenging road unfolded before me, each twist and turn promised not just adventure, but an unforgettable odyssey.

E69: A Road Less Traveled, A Dream Fulfilled

The E69 is no ordinary highway; it is a lifeline to the Arctic’s edge, a ribbon of asphalt that defies the elements. The drive was more than a physical journey; it was a passage through ethereal landscapes that morphed with every kilometer, offering breathtaking views, majestic fjords, and a dance of sea and sky.

Arctic Encounters: A Date with Reindeers

In the midst of this icy expanse, a magical encounter awaited. A group of reindeers, nature’s own traffic wardens, gracefully crossed the road. My vehicle came to a standstill, allowing these majestic creatures to lead their parade. It was a moment frozen in time, a connection with the wild that defined the essence of Arctic living.

As the reindeers disappeared into the snowy wilderness, I resumed my drive, engulfed in the mesmerizing beauty that surrounded me.

Sunset Symphony: Nature’s Canvas Unveiled

The Arctic sun, playing hide and seek with the mountains, gifted me a surreal sunset. The hues of the sky melted into an artist’s palette, casting a warm glow over the snowy landscapes. The mountains stood as silent witnesses, and I, a privileged spectator, captured this ephemeral symphony with my lens.

Frozen Mirrors: Lakes in Hibernation

En route, I stumbled upon frozen lakes, serene and still, like mirrors reflecting the grandeur of the Arctic. The snow-kissed surroundings painted a scene straight from a winter fairy tale. A brief pause, a deep breath, and my camera clicked away, freezing these moments in time.

The E69 Start: Commencing the Arctic Odyssey

At the genesis of the E69, I marked the beginning of my Arctic odyssey. The air was charged with anticipation, and the road stretched before me like a promise. Little did I know that this journey would etch itself into the tapestry of my memories.

To be continued as I delve deeper into the Arctic realm, unraveling the mysteries of Nordkapp and retracing my steps on the E69.


26th April – Chasing the Arctic Horizon

Nordkapp, the crowned jewel of Europe, stood tall at the precipice where the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans collided. A majestic cliff rising to 1007 feet, with a sprawling plateau atop, welcomed me to a destination that echoed the grandeur of nature’s meeting point. As I traversed the barren landscapes and colorful fishing villages en route, the allure of this iconic cliff intensified.

Nordkapp Chronicles: A Date with the Midnight Sun

A realm where the sun dances in the sky for two months, from mid-May to end July, Nordkapp is not just a destination; it’s an experience soaked in the hues of the midnight sun. The rock formation, North Cape Horn, whispered tales of ancient Sámi rituals, adding a mystical touch to the Arctic landscape.

The facilities perched on the plateau were in slumber during my off-season visit, but the memories etched in the granite monument dedicated to King Oscar II and German Emperor Wilhelm II resonated with history. Nordkapp wasn’t just a point on the map; it was a tourist mecca carved out by the visit of King Oscar II in 1873.

Children of the World: A Symphony of Hope

A stroll along the cliff unveiled the heartwarming legacy of “Children of the World.” Seven young hearts from seven countries etched their dreams for peace in clay reliefs. These reliefs, symbolizing Friendship, Hope, Joy, and Collaboration, stood proud in a semi-circle outside the North Cape Hall. The “Mother and Child” monument, sculpted by Eva Rybakken, pointed towards these symbols of unity.

As the information center dozed off for the offseason, I found companions in fellow travelers – a solo adventurer from Germany in a campervan and a Swedish nomad with a canine companion. The globe icon, a landmark of remembrance, witnessed a group of college students climbing atop, capturing the mesmerizing sunset silhouette.

A Journey Back: Camp Alta’s Embrace

The return journey, after basking in the glory of Nordkapp’s panoramic sunset, led me to Camp Alta, my retreat for the night. Tired but fulfilled, I surrendered to the embrace of this quaint haven, nestled between Arctic dreams and the tales of the world’s edge.

Nordkapp, with its ancient whispers and modern echoes, proved to be more than a geographical point; it was a rendezvous with the elements, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit amid nature’s grandeur.

To be continued as I drive back to Tromso, retrace the Arctic landscapes, and delve into the vibrant spirit of the city.

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