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City of Oil and Academia

Nestled on the southwestern coast, Stavanger emerges as the fourth-largest city in Norway, proudly bearing the title of the Oil Capital of the country. The heartbeat of this vibrant city is fueled by its thriving oil industry, with the University of Stavanger standing tall as the bastion of higher education.

The Allure of Heights: Pulpit Rock and Kjerag

Stavanger’s appeal to travelers extends beyond its urban charm. Adventure seekers are lured by the towering heights of Preikestolen, commonly known as Pulpit Rock, and the awe-inspiring Kjerag, a cliff soaring 1000 meters above the majestic fjord, renowned as a mecca for base jumping enthusiasts.

April 17: The Early Flight to Stavanger

Embarking on the next leg of my Norwegian sojourn, I caught the 7:00 am flight from Oslo to Stavanger. The brisk 50-minute journey delivered me to the heart of this coastal gem. From the airport, a seamless transition to a public bus whisked me to the city center, where I embarked on a brief walk to my residence.

My choice of accommodation, the Comfort Hotel Stavanger, stood as a cozy haven in the city center. Although an early check-in was not on the cards, the hotel graciously offered to store my luggage, setting the stage for an exhilarating ascent to Pulpit Rock.


Perched on the edge of Lysefjorden, Pulpit Rock offers a staggering view from its steep cliff, rising 604 meters above the fjord. A cinematic haven, this location has played a role in movies like Mission: Impossible and a South Indian film, adding a touch of glamour to its natural grandeur.

Journey to the Summit: A Visual Feast

To embark on this extraordinary journey, I discovered the route involved taking a ferry from Stavanger to Tau, a quaint town along the fjord. The ferry ride, a scenic spectacle in itself, spanned an hour and a half. Upon reaching Tau, a local bus became the chariot to the Preikestolen mountain lodge, marking the beginning of a 30-minute bus ride.

Practical Tips for Aspiring Trekkers

  • Public Bus Options:
  • When to Visit:
    • June to August (Summer): Peak season for hikers and travelers.
    • April to May (Spring): Exercise caution due to unpredictable rains.

Safety and Trekking Essentials:

  1. Warm Clothes
  2. Long Winter Jacket
  3. Hand Gloves
  4. Woollen Cap
  5. Footwear: Hiking Boots or Shoes
  6. Warm Socks
  7. Headwear
  8. Food and Water Bottles
  9. Comfortable Backpack
  10. Hiking Stick
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Umbrella or Raincoat

As the curtain rose on the panoramic landscapes, I heeded the call of Pulpit Rock, a journey that promised not just breathtaking vistas but a communion with the raw, unbridled beauty of Norway’s untamed terrains. The allure of heights and the promise of a cliffside saga awaited.

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