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Embarking on the Ascent: Mt. Ulriken Unveiled

Nestled amongst the lofty seven mountains that cradle Bergen, Mt. Ulriken stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur. The ascent to this majestic peak is an adventure in itself, with double-decker buses chauffeuring thrill-seekers from Bergen to the base of this monumental giant between the months of May and September.

The Journey Unfolds: April 20th, A Date with Mt. Ulriken

April 20th marked a rendezvous with Mt. Ulriken. A mere 30-minute drive from my hotel set the stage for an encounter with the mountain. The path to the mountain’s zenith was not well-defined, prompting me to park my car in a designated area and join a procession of fellow travelers converging towards the same destination.

Preparation is key for the zipline adventure, urging me to secure my spot at least an hour before the scheduled start. The cost, approximately NOK 450 for adults, covered not only the zipline experience but also the expertise of an instructor and all essential equipment.

Climbing to New Heights: The Cable Car Ascension

Securing my cable car tickets from the tourist information center, I embarked on an upward journey that offered panoramic views of Bergen’s picturesque landscape. Arriving at the mountain’s zenith, I was greeted by a refreshing breeze and the gentle caress of the sun. While several restaurants and cafes adorned the mountaintop, the elusive meeting point for the zipline activity remained shrouded in mystery.

The Zipline Unveiled: A Thrilling Encounter Awaits

Undeterred, I embarked on a quest to demystify the location. A chance encounter with an individual laden with ziplining gear provided the breakthrough. This unassuming figure, as I soon discovered, was the instructor orchestrating the aerial symphony. Patiently waiting for the conclusion of the ongoing zipline sessions, I eagerly anticipated my turn to take flight amidst the mountainous embrace.

As the first batch completed their descent, the anticipation soared. The instructor, an embodiment of calm expertise, beckoned me forward. The stage was set, the harness secured, and with a heart pounding with excitement, I prepared to leap into the skies from Mt. Ulriken.


Where Thrills Unfold: Ziplining from Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Fløyen

The zipline adventure at Mt. Ulriken is a symphony of adrenaline and breathtaking vistas, unfurling 300 meters from the terrace in front of the mountain’s restaurant towards the neighboring peak, Mt. Fløyen. The orchestration of this aerial escapade is entrusted to diligent instructors stationed at both ends, ensuring each participant’s journey is not only thrilling but impeccably safe.

Preparation: Safety First, Adventure Follows

As the clock ticked towards 3 pm, the call to action resonated. Gearing up with the essentials – harness, helmet, and appropriate shoes – I was briefed by my instructor about the paramount importance of safety. Any personal belongings, including cameras, were to be left behind in the equipment storage room. My eagerness to capture the soaring adventure on film was momentarily set aside, replaced by the anticipation of the impending flight.

The Flight Begins: An Adrenaline-Packed Soar

With the meticulous guidance of my instructor, I ascended to the starting point, ready to embrace the unknown. The initial cautionary steps were followed diligently, securing the harness and holding onto the designated area of the rope while refraining from any contact with the top. The exhilaration intensified as I surrendered my body to the secured harness, the wind brushing against my face, and the vastness of the landscape unfolding below.

For those daring enough, hands-free flight was an option, a true test of nerve amidst the scenic panorama. The instructions provided by the instructor, a crucial prelude and epilogue to the flight, were to be heeded with precision, eliminating any room for accidents or confusion.

Capturing the Thrills: A Shared Footage

In the absence of my own camera, fortune smiled upon me as a fellow adventurer graciously offered to capture my zipline journey. The call to begin reached my ears, and without hesitation, I volunteered to take the inaugural flight of the session. The experience that ensued was nothing short of magical, as the landscape around Mt. Ulriken unfolded in a captivating dance beneath me.

As the zipline adventure concluded, the concluding hike from the endpoint to the mountain’s summit beckoned. A challenging ascent, fraught with risks, yet the memory of conquering Mt. Ulriken through the zipline made every step worthwhile.

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