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The next day I pre booked for a cruise trip towards BERGEN, link mentioned below.

Book Cruise Tickets : Fjord Line & Rodne

18th April–The Next day I had to wake up early to catch the fjord line bus. On request and kind help, the receptionist of the hotel arranged an early breakfast box packed with sandwich and some fruits. Fjord line Bus in Risavika Quay at 5:50am from city terminal and took a 10mins walk from my hotel in Stavanger. The bus journey lasted about 20-25mins to reach the ship dock. Upon my arrival, the Bus almost started to leave the terminal as the driver saw me running towards the bus, he was kind enough to stop the bus until I got inside with my luggage.

About Fjord line Cruise from Stavanger to Bergen:

Fjord line ships are eco-friendly with daily connections between two cities. Travelling thru fjord line cruises gives the tremendous view of the beautiful sea route and landscapes. This is the best and suggested travel thru this cruise leaving the car behind, escaping from traffic jams and a long drive.

On-board there are many restaurants to enjoy good meal of delicious Norwegian cuisine while admiring the fjords and its landscapes. Especially Commander Buffet restaurant is luxury dining with buffet breakfast.

How to reach the ship dock in Stavanger?

Fjord Cruise to Bergen depart from Stavanger daily by 7 am almost 5.5 hours journey. Reach the terminal 1hour before departure and the Check-In closes at 6:40am. The cost of this fjord cruise trip from Stavanger to Bergen, one way cost around approx. NOK 250.00 per person.

For detailed information visit the link below:

Visit Bergen


After reaching the port, I needed to check-in (by submitting my passport and necessary docs) with online ticket and they offer you boarding pass. After few minutes of wait before boarding, I was watching the cruise and got excited as this was my first cruise experience. Once the boarding started, the travellers were in a hurry running inside the cruise to settle with their favorite seats. I was amazed and really experienced a visual treat by seeing the facilities offered in the cruise. Kindly watch video for the interior of the cruise.

Interior of Cruise:

As I Entered the deck on top of the staircase, I observed a beautiful Norwegian historical painting. The cruise consists of 8 decks with an elevator inside for each deck. From 3 to 6 decks were organized for Cars and storage boxes. I was relaxing on the 7th deck, with a lot of options like Commander Buffet restaurant, Grieg ala carte restaurant, play place for kids called kids planet, Oasis Garden Café, Apple and Pear, 24 to Go, Games station, Reception, Duty Free shop and different Fjord lounges to relax and enjoy a beautiful view. The 8th deck and 9th Deck was for Private Suites and Cabins which is useful for a short stay time until 10am only. 10th Deck has Sun deck lounge where you could watch the beautiful fjord landscapes in open air, a dog kennel, Conference hall including cabins. It was too windy outside and I enjoyed the sun deck for few minutes. The most relishing experience.

About my Experience:

After settling in a comfortable lounge with a beautiful glass window view, I went towards the café to grab some food for breakfast. An oat meal and a smoothie, along with coffee was best option for my breakfast. After eating, I took a short nap for about 20minutes. Then I started exploring the cruise to admire the beauty of its interiors. Lounge near the Kids planet was crowded and noisy, the restaurant was busy all the time, and there was a small super market and duty free shop. I took the 10th deck to explore sun deck for clicking pictures. There were facilities to recharge your batteries and phones everywhere along with best WIFI connection on-board. For passing time, I was watching offline downloaded movies and for lunch I went to another fast food restaurant , Where I had requested the chef for a veg pizza as I was in a  40day fasting period until Good Friday. He accepted my request and prepared a delicious veg pizza.

By around 14:00 noon, the cruise arrived to Hurtigruten terminal in Bergen. It was compulsory that we needed to show the boarding pass while exit. So folks, carry the boarding pass carefully until you reach the destination.

Adventure Continues : Bergen

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