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Today again our plan was to go and visit a beautiful landscape with a long drive from Ubud.

Bali Safari Park

I preferred to go for the first stop to Bali Safari Park home to over a thousand amazing animals which is one of the destinations for an adventurous, fun, educational experience for everyone. This Park has home to more than 100 species including endangered species the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and Bali Startling Bird.

  • Free Entrance for Kids below 3 years old
  • Wheel Chair Friendly

The facilities available for following Safaris

  • Jungle Hopper Package –

Inclusions: Safari Journey, Freshwater Aquarium, Animal Presentation,

Harimau from Predator to Prey Show, Elephant Encounter show, Water Play Zone  Price: IDR 560,000/ Person (Must book one day in advance)

  • Elephant Back Safari Package –

Inclusions: Offers the breathtaking experience of riding on top of the largest land mammals through African themed bushveld surrounded by Wild beast, Zebras, and Rhinoceros

  •   Night Safari Package –

After 6 PM, A Specially designed caged tram will take you on a journey to witness and hand-feed animals very closer.

Inclusions: Night Safari walk with Journey, Buffet Dinner, Rhythm of Africa show, Natural Wildlife encounter

Price : IDR 770,000/ Person (Must book one day in advance)

  • Breakfast with the Lions Package –

This Package is available when you stay at Mara River Safari Lodge with your breakfast with the lions to experience close encounters to start your day. Enjoy the delectable cuisine at Tsavo Lion Restaurant safely separated by full-length viewing glass panels.

  • 4 * 4 Safari Package –

A Closer view of real wildlife directly from inside a specifically outfitted  4 X 4 vehicle for the private adventure and available as a top-up inside the park.

  • Bali Agung Show –

The Spectacular cultural performance featuring 150 Balinese dancers and musicians to show a fusion of traditional and modern theatrical arts. Performing together along with an array of exotic animals and shadow puppet masters.

For Bookings:

My Experience

At first, I was a bit hesitant to buy the ticket IDR 800,000/- person including for my driver to accompany me for pictures and videos. Then after my entire trip, it was really worth it. I got the ticket for the Jungle Hopper package visiting an aquarium and then get on a bus that goes through the different countries jungle-themed including India, Indonesia, Africa, and more., I Saw almost all the wild animals out there and had close encounters too. Love the Zebras and giraffes with very close encounter and made my day so thrilling and exciting. Elephants walking around and taking the tourist on their back, Huge Tiger, Rhino, Lion King, Ostrich and more., Then after the tour for approx 20 minutes then we went to play with exotic birds until we had time to visit the most adorable Orangutan.  They had a show to take pictures with Orangutan who was busy eating fruits and we were instructed not to touch him and to take only a few pictures through the trainer. But I would suggest this park is more recommendable for kids and families.

Jatiluwih rice terraces

The Village in West Bali is famous for its dramatic and exotic terrace landscapes. The Breathtaking scenery and the cool highlands of this village at the foot of Mount Batukaru make for wonderful clicks and also serves a soothing retreat. With over 600 hectares of rice fields and maintained by traditional water management known as Subak, since 9th It is located 700 meters above sea level and to reach this place it takes about 2 hours. This is the most largest and picturesque expanse of paddies in Bali.

After reaching, we need to buy an entrance ticket which goes to the local village cooperative fund. While walking towards the village and sloping terraces the view was truly impressive and outstanding. I had a lot of fun around the area by walking on the path, enjoying the greenery all around. I saw funny figurines similar to a crow man which is made of wood by the villagers.

Kecak Dance

One of the Balinese Hindu dances and a music drama developed since 1930. Mostly the dance is based on the story of Ramayana which is mostly performed traditionally in temples and villages across Bali. The Ramayana monkey chant is performed by a circle of 150 performers wearing checked cloth around their waist and continuously chanting “Chak Chak” and moving their hands and arms. This drama depicts a battle in which monkey-like varanas led by hanuman help Rama fight the evil King Ravana.

This is one of the memorable cultural shows of Ubud, Bali. The artist performed with the mute dance of Ramayana epic and each of their performance was outstanding. Especially, the performance by kids of Sita was too adorable. End of the show a guy performed a fire dance which was so exciting and thrilling performance.

I appreciate these kinds of cultural shows in countries to be featured for tourists to showcase them about our history and culture.

Warung Tepi Tebing

An amazing and beautiful restaurant especially I was taken for tasting delicious duck roast. And the meal was so yummy and still feeling mouth-watering while thinking. Even the ambiance was in a hut surrounded by a pond and lots of trout fishes inside the pond where you can also enjoy feeding them with fish food while enjoying your delicious dinner. Most memorable and would suggest this place if you are in Ubud.

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