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Embracing the Miraculous at Rumah Pohon Tree House

In the heart of Nusa Penida, my wanderlust led me to a dreamlike escape, an overnight stay at the enchanting Rumah Pohon Tree House. This hidden gem promised not just a night’s lodging but an immersive encounter with nature, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean, the melody of chirping birds, and the whispering breeze through the verdant trees.

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Arrival under the Canopy of Darkness

The journey to this arboreal haven commenced with a two-hour drive from Crystal Bay Beach, a path shrouded in darkness as if venturing deep into the heart of a jungle. The anticipation swirled within as my driver skillfully navigated the obscure trails. Upon reaching the reception, a solitary figure awaited, handing over the keys to my temporary treetop abode.

A Solo Sojourn in Nature’s Embrace

Guided by a faint torchlight, I descended down a challenging path, surrounded by impenetrable darkness. Unexpectedly, I discovered I was the sole guest nestled within the embrace of the treehouse haven. A momentary pause of worry swept over me in the absence of any human presence or network connectivity, but the allure of the adventure and the promise of an unforgettable night silenced those concerns.

The Enigmatic Tree House Abode

Three treehouses faced each other, each telling a story of solitude and communion with nature. The famed Instagram-worthy treehouse stood as a testament to the whimsical allure that drew photographers and dreamers alike. The simplicity of my quarters unfolded—a bed, a fan, and a window veiled by a lone curtain. The toilet, a descent away, added an extra layer of adventure to the nocturnal sojourn.

Nocturnal Symphony by the Ocean

As the night deepened, a symphony of nature’s nocturnal chorus enveloped me. The rhythmic cadence of ocean waves served as a lullaby, and the rustle of leaves overhead provided a natural serenade. In the solitude, I found a connection with the elements, a rare communion under the celestial canopy.

Dawn’s Awakening and Scenic Revelations

The break of dawn gifted me a surreal awakening. The sounds of human activity reached my ears, drawing me to the window. Tourists gathered around the iconic treehouse, capturing moments of their own. Seizing the opportunity, I ventured out, seeking the assistance of locals to capture the picturesque surroundings and secure a tangible memory of my treetop escapade.

A Russian Encounter and Explorations

Among the early risers, I encountered a Russian traveler, and our brief exchange unfolded tales of Nusa Penida. Eager to explore more, we embarked on a journey, unraveling Instagram-worthy spots and relishing the beauty that this mystical island had to offer.

Farewell to Rumah Pohon and the Journey to Sanur

As morning unfolded its wings, bidding adieu to my solitary perch, I ascended towards the reception. A hearty breakfast awaited, fueling me for the impending journey back to Sanur. My trusty driver, punctual as ever, ushered me towards the harbor, ferry-bound to my next destination.

Cameng Homestay

Sanur’s Warm Embrace and Unforeseen Connections

In Sanur, a comforting sanctuary awaited at Cameng Homestay. The afternoon was spent in repose, capturing memories in the comfort of my room’s spacious balcony. The following day unfolded with a leisurely exploration of Sanur and nearby Kuta, topped off with a rejuvenating spa experience.

11th Jan 2020

Unscripted Connections in Kuta

An ordinary lunch in Kuta became an extraordinary encounter when an elderly gentleman, with a smile and a note, injected an unanticipated twist into my solo journey. Couch-surfing led to a chance meeting with a fellow traveler, sparking a spontaneous journey to Kuta beach and shared dinners in local haunts.

An Unplanned Extension in Ubud

With time on my side and funds dwindling, a spontaneous decision led me to extend my stay by sharing accommodations with a fellow traveler bound for Ubud. The prospect of revisiting familiar haunts and discovering new gems fueled the decision to seize the moment and savor every unexpected connection.

In the tapestry of my Nusa Penida adventure, the night spent in the Rumah Pohon Tree House stood out as a chapter brimming with solitude, nature’s symphony, and unforeseen connections—a tale spun in the delicate threads of wanderlust and serendipity.

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