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In the grand tapestry of my travel escapades, the tale of celebrating new year’s eve has woven itself into the vibrant fabric of my journey. From the dazzling fireworks in London in 2015 to the serene landscapes of Armenia in 2018, each celebration etched a unique memory. The plan for 2019 was to usher in the new year amidst the glittering skyline of Hong Kong, a city renowned for its spectacular new year’s eve festivities.

Unforeseen Hurdles: Hong Kong Amidst Riots

However, fate had different plans. Unbeknownst to me, riots were unfurling in Hong Kong, casting a shadow over my anticipated celebration. Shocked by the unfolding events, I hastily canceled my flight, managing to secure only a partial refund. While my flight plans crumbled, the accommodation reservations stood unyielding, leaving me with an unquenched thirst for travel and celebration.

A Bali Invitation: A Ray of Hope

Amidst the uncertainties, an unexpected invitation arrived, illuminating a new path. A Bali vendor extended an invitation for a business conference with a tourism focus. It became the serendipitous reason to redirect my travel plans and embrace Bali for the 2019 new year’s eve celebration.

30th December 2019: The Journey Unfolds

Packing my essentials – tripod, selfie stick, camera, mobile phones, hat, sunscreen, toiletries, hair stylers, makeup kits – I left room for the magic of local shopping to weave its spell. A personal driver was booked a week in advance to ensure a seamless arrival experience.

With an Air Asia ticket booked, my journey unfolded on the 30th of December 2019. The flight itinerary included a transit through Kuala Lumpur, culminating in a late-night arrival at Denpasar. The ticket, priced at Rs.13,272, hinted at the budget-conscious theme of my adventure.

Navigating New Year’s Eve Chaos

Worries about the anticipated traffic surge during the new year’s eve revelries lingered as I approached Bali. Suggestions to book accommodation in Denpasar to sidestep the potential chaos were met with resistance. My heart yearned for a stay in the heart of the celebratory happenings.

Upon landing at Denpasar airport, my first task was to secure a local SIM card. Klook, a trusted travel portal, facilitated this with ease, proving its worth as a valuable resource for travel needs. A quick call to my pre-booked driver, Krishna, set the wheels in motion for my journey to Seminyak.

Klook: Your Gateway to Seamless Travel

Klook emerged as a reliable portal for all my travel needs – from SIM cards to entry tickets for attractions, amusement parks, transfers, and even day trips across various Asian and European countries. Book here…

Accommodation Woes: MBox Hostel’s Quirky Twist

Opting for budget travel, my accommodation choice was MBox Hostel, where I had reserved a Female Capsule Room for the night of the 31st December and the ensuing days until the 5th of January. However, upon arrival, the hostel presented a dormitory instead of the coveted capsule room, citing the seasonal rush.

Firm in my resolve, I insisted on my pre-booked choice. After a brief hiccup, the hostel acquiesced, relocating the new guest from my capsule room and providing the keys to the sanctuary I envisioned.

MBox Hostel: A Silver Lining in the Chaos

Despite the initial hiccup, MBox Hostel revealed itself as a gem in the bustling heart of Seminyak. The expansive lounge, complete with indoor game facilities and a Jacuzzi, offered a retreat within the retreat. The capsule room, nestled on the first floor, maintained a serene atmosphere, ensuring privacy and tranquility.

Shared restrooms and showers stood out for their cleanliness and spacious design. Located centrally, with nearby boutiques and spas, MBox Hostel became an unexpected haven in the whirlwind of Bali’s new year’s eve celebrations.
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