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Date: 04-01-2020

As the sun dipped below the horizon, my driver took a break, and I found myself drawn into the vibrant rhythm of Bali’s nightlife. Leaving behind the boardrooms of business meetings, I set out to explore Seminyak and its beaches, with an adventure awaiting me in the quaint town of Canggu.

Finns Beach Club: A Splash of Luxury

Canggu welcomed me with its tranquility, a departure from the bustling markets. However, as I stepped into Finns Beach Club, the atmosphere shifted dramatically. The poolside revelry, adorned with laughter and music, unfolded before me. Youngsters clad in stylish swimsuits immersed themselves in the big pool party, creating an atmosphere of lively celebration.

Indian couples, fellow travelers, and the backdrop of a live band in each pool created a spectacle that beckoned me to immerse myself. To complete this experience, I had reserved a table for lunch, indulging my taste buds with sumptuous Indian cuisine. While Finns Beach Club comes with a price, the experience it offers, especially for groups or couples, is undoubtedly worth every penny.

For bookings: Finns Beach Club

With the echoes of the beach club lingering, I returned to my hostel, gearing up for the evening’s adventure – exploring the pulsating pubs near Seminyak.

La Favela: A Night of Exquisite Revelry

As the clock struck 9 pm, I ventured towards Seminyak’s pub street, aiming for a salsa dance rendezvous at Red Carpet Champagne Bar. However, with no one on the dance floor and the party yet to commence, I redirected my steps towards the captivating “La Favela.”

La Favela, a hotspot in Bali since 2013, was born from the transformation of a house into a masterpiece of architecture. The vintage design, graffiti-laden walls, and cozy decorative corners created an ambiance inspired by Bali’s jungles, Rio’s favelas, and the underground bars of London and New York. Semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls, and ponds adorned the sprawling venue.

For more details: La Favela

Stepping inside, I found myself captivated by the grandeur of the bar. The dance floor beckoned, populated by Australians and Asians, all reveling in the music and the night. Offers for drinks came my way, but I declined, choosing instead to lose myself in the rhythm of the dance.

Later, I switched gears back to Red Carpet for salsa, where the live music serenaded me upon entry. The singer’s rendition of “Tum Hi Ho” marked the beginning of a night filled with joy, dance, and a glass of wine to savor the moment. The infectious rhythm had me dancing with abandon, creating memories that would linger.

As the night unfolded, I found myself at the doorstep of the hostel, where a small royal motorbike awaited to transport revelers. Seated like a queen, I reveled in the joy of the ride, singing and screaming with pure abandon. The hostel entrance became my grand stage, and the night concluded with a fellow traveler’s audacious proposition, met with my sarcastic yet empowered response – for tonight, I was the solo queen of my own realm.

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