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Date: 08-01-2020

As the first rays of the sun painted the Balinese sky, I embarked on a spiritual and traditional sojourn around Ubud. With the clock ticking towards 6 AM, my driver arrived punctually, setting the stage for a day steeped in culture. Clad in the traditional Balinese attire, I anticipated a day of profound experiences and picturesque settings.

Lempuyang Temple: Gateway to the Divine

Our first destination was the illustrious Lempuyang Temple, perched on the slope of Mount Lempuyang, 600 meters above sea level. Renowned as one of Bali’s most revered temples, it symbolizes the holy trinity with sections dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

My Experience: Winding our way up the sacred hill, we reached the temple premises around 7:30 AM. The ethereal beauty of Lempuyang unfolded as tourists, dressed in traditional sarongs, prepared for the iconic “Gates of Heaven” photoshoot. Token numbers were distributed, and anticipation filled the air as each visitor, in turn, posed against the backdrop of Mount Agung. The experience, though somewhat commercialized, offered a glimpse into the spiritual allure of Bali and the lengths people go for that perfect Instagram shot.

Note: Lempuyang Temple is ideal for photography enthusiasts seeking Instagram-worthy moments.

On our descent, a nearby restaurant welcomed us for brunch, providing not only nourishment but also additional Instagram spots, a delightful bonus for those eager to capture memories.

Tirta Gangga: A Regal Oasis

Our next stop, Tirta Gangga, translated to the “Water of the Ganges,” unveiled a royal palace with ornate bathing pools and a temple. Constructed in 1946 and marred by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963, this one-hectare complex echoed with history.

My Experience: Tourists from across the globe reveled in the vibrant ambiance of Tirta Gangga. The expansive pools, adorned with intricate architecture, housed a variety of mesmerizing fish. Fish food in hand, I indulged in the joy of feeding them while soaking in the regal atmosphere. Surrounding eateries and quaint souvenir markets added a touch of local flavor to the experience.

Besakih Temple: A Spiritual Marvel on Mount Agung

Our final destination, Besakih Temple, positioned on the slopes of Mount Agung, stood as one of Bali’s largest and holiest temples. Built on six terraced levels with 23 temples, its resilience during the 1963 eruption is considered miraculous by the locals.

My Experience: Guided by a local expert, the vastness of Besakih Temple unfolded before me. The intricate details, ancient aura, and the sheer magnitude of the complex left me awe-inspired. A private courtyard, reserved for local worshippers, showcased the temple’s commitment to preserving tradition.

Conclusion: This spiritual and traditional odyssey through Ubud provided a window into Bali’s rich cultural tapestry. From the iconic Gates of Heaven to the regal oasis of Tirta Gangga and the awe-inspiring Besakih Temple, each stop added layers to my understanding of Balinese spirituality. As the day concluded, I couldn’t help but reflect on the profound beauty embedded in Bali’s landscapes and traditions.

For those seeking a blend of spirituality and tradition, Ubud’s treasures unfold like chapters in a captivating novel, each page revealing a story of reverence and wonder.

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