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In the heart of Slovenia, where the landscapes echo with tales of preservation and courage, lies one of Europe’s longest ziplines, offering thrill-seekers a chance to connect with nature in a truly unique way. This is the Ziplinedolinka – a four-kilometer adventure that promises not just the rush of adrenaline but also a breathtaking perspective of the Sava Dolinka River and its pristine surroundings.

The story behind Ziplinedolinka is as compelling as the adventure itself. It’s a testament to the resilience of a community that fought against the odds to preserve the natural beauty of the Sava Dolinka River and the valley it graces. This zipline experience provides a platform for adventure enthusiasts to soar like birds, admiring the protected area without causing any disruption to its delicate flora and fauna.

The Zipline Adventures boast an impressive itinerary, featuring:

  • A four-kilometer zipline journey
  • Seven ziplines ranging from 350 to 700 meters
  • Six flights over the majestic river
  • An immersive two and a half-hour tour of exhilarating adventure

For those seeking to book this extraordinary experience, Zipline Adventures stands as the gateway to an unforgettable journey.

For bookings: Zipline Adventures.

Conquering the Longest Zipline in Europe

As the sun dawned on the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia, I found myself embarking on a thrilling adventure – the Ziplinedolinka experience. This was not my first rendezvous with ziplining, having conquered the heights of Norway previously, but what awaited me was a unique four-kilometer journey over the breathtaking Sava Dolinka River.

Upon arriving at the zipline office, I was warmly greeted by Mr. Niko and Peter, my hosts for the day. Eager to capture every moment for my vlog, I requested their assistance, and to my delight, they enthusiastically agreed. Our adventure began with a trek up a mountain, each of us carrying our harness, forging a connection with the natural beauty that surrounded us.

Our group comprised diverse members from various corners of the globe, including two adventurous kids. Throughout our journey, these little thrill-seekers were expertly carried by our hosts, ensuring everyone could partake in the exhilarating experience. The ziplines were strategically placed, offering spectacular panoramic views at every location. As my host diligently captured every moment, the visuals promised to be a treat for my vlog.

Before each flight, a thorough check by the hosts ensured safety, and then, one by one, we were given our chance to soar through the air. The instructions were clear – no holding the line, only the hook or rope as directed by our hosts. Balancing on our harnesses, we experienced the rush of adrenaline, relishing the breathtaking scenery on all sides.

As we traversed the ziplines, the beauty of the forest revealed itself – from the spectacular views to the unexpected discovery of large mushrooms, a delicacy used in local cuisine. Successfully completing all seven ziplines marked the end of this incredible adventure. Back at the zipline office, I enjoyed a coffee break with Mr. Niko, who surprised me with an invitation to a canyoning experience led by his son the following day, adding another layer to my Slovenian escapades.

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