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25th May 2017 – Bovec, Slovenia

As the sun painted the Slovenian sky with hues of dawn, I embarked on a journey that promised to plunge me into the heart of the Julian Alps’ aquatic wonderland. The day unfolded as a canvas for the thrilling adventures of canyoning and river rafting, a dual exploration into the untamed spirit of the Emerald River.

The Essence of Canyoning:

A vibrant morning greeted me as I bid farewell to the comforts of my hotel, ready to join a team of water sports enthusiasts for a day of canyoning—an escapade etched in the very fabric of the Slovenian alps. Canyoning, I discovered, was a dynamic dance with nature—a symphony composed by the river’s serenade.

What awaited me:

  • Natural Water Park: The Slovenian alps boast the creation of a natural water park, a canvas where river meets rock, and the elements collaborate to sculpt exhilarating experiences. Here, nature unveiled its water slides, rocky jumps, and waterfalls, laying the stage for an unforgettable aquatic odyssey.
  • The Essence of Adventure: Canyoning is the convergence of adrenaline and nature. Guided by the river’s course, I navigated through hidden pools, descended with ropes, and embraced the challenge of rappelling down waterfalls—an adventure woven by the elements themselves.
  • Prerequisites: The allure of canyoning lies in its accessibility. No prior experience is needed; a basic understanding of swimming and a spirit ready for adrenaline suffice. The adventure caters to individuals, couples, and groups, with safety at the forefront.

Equipped for Adventure:

My gear spoke of preparedness, a testament to the meticulous planning of the adventure team. From a helmet securing my head to a neoprene suit shielding me from the chill of the water, each piece played a vital role in ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience.

As the adventure unfolded, I was accompanied by the symphony of rushing water, the exhilarating splash of each descent echoing through the canyon. While I couldn’t capture these moments through a lens, the memory etched itself in every beat of my heart.

Canyoning had unraveled a natural wonder, revealing a side of Slovenia’s alps that words alone could hardly convey. The Emerald River, with its canyons and cascades, became more than a watercourse—it became an immersive experience, an adventure eternally etched in the watery embrace of nature.

Embarking on the Untamed Waters: My First Canyoning Adventure in 2017

23rd May 2017 – Bovec, Slovenia

In the heart of Slovenia, a rendezvous with adventure awaited me—a journey into the mystical canyons and gorges near the Italian border. Picked up by the charismatic host, I joined a diverse group of fellow travelers from the UK and the USA, ready to dive into the uncharted waters of my first canyoning experience.

The Untamed Terrain:

As the journey unfolded, our host led us through the dense forests and towering mountains towards the hidden canyons. The air was charged with anticipation as we approached the adventure base, where a specialized team awaited to equip us for the escapade that lay ahead.

Gearing Up for the Unknown:

Wetsuits and sturdy shoes became our second skin, designed to embrace the challenges of navigating the rugged terrain. The harness, a trusty companion, promised safety as we ventured into the non-touristy, longest waterfall deep within the forest.

A Missed Leap, A Glimpse of Thrills:

The trek towards the waterfall was both exhilarating and challenging. However, my stamina waned, and I had to make the difficult decision to descend. As I reached the base, I watched another group leap from the summit, the adrenaline-fueled spectacle accompanied by the roar of cascading water. A sense of longing gnawed at me—I had missed a thrilling adventure.

Overcoming Setbacks:

Despite my health constraints, the journey continued. The team rallied behind me, assuring me that more excitement lay ahead. Our path meandered through gorges and canyons, with sharp rocks and water streams challenging our resolve.

The Courage to Dive:

A deep emerald water pool emerged as a daunting yet enticing challenge. Encouraged by my newfound companions, I braved my fears and took the plunge. The emerald waters embraced me, and with the buoyancy of the wetsuit, I floated on the surface. Cheers echoed as my teammates acknowledged the newfound bravery of the non-swimmer.

Cave Encounters and Waterside Thrills:

Traversing rivers, exploring caves, and conquering more water pools, each moment etched a unique story in the tapestry of my adventure. A memorable highlight was a water pool nestled within a cave—here, my courage met the encouragement of the team, and I emerged victorious.

Rafting: A Grand Finale:

Canyoning led us to the riverbanks, marking the transition to our next thrilling chapter—rafting. The camaraderie, the laughter, and the unspoken bond forged in the untamed waters of Slovenia’s alps made this day not just an adventure but a celebration of resilience and courage.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow on our weary yet satisfied faces, I reflected on the day’s escapade—a tale of challenges embraced, fears conquered, and friendships born in the heart of the Slovenian wilderness.

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