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As the dawn broke over the serene Lake Bled, I found myself eagerly anticipating yet another adrenaline-packed adventure – this time, a canyoning escapade led by none other than Mr. Niko’s son. With Lake Bled as my backdrop, I took a brief morning stroll, immersing myself in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings and even befriending a majestic swan in the lake.

Soon, a cab arrived to transport me to the canyoning office, and there he was – Niko’s son, a veritable Hrithik Roshan lookalike, whose imposing physique hinted at the thrilling adventure that lay ahead. Not the most social, but undoubtedly skilled and attentive, he made sure to guide me, especially considering my status as a non-swimmer. Once again, I found myself the lone female adventurer, surrounded by five affable guys from the UK.

Upon reaching the starting point, we were each equipped with our canyoning essentials – outfits, helmets, shoes, and harnesses – tailored to our sizes. A 30-minute trek through the enchanting forest awaited us, with the landscape having changed since my last visit, showcasing a different facet of Slovenia.

Our journey kicked off with a slide over rocks, followed by exhilarating jumps into small pools. While crossing rivers, a minor knee injury didn’t deter my determination to savor every moment of this unique experience. Arriving at a deepwater pool, the others eagerly dived in, while I, as a non-swimmer, observed. When we reached a spot with a steep hill for jumping, my host initially held back, but curiosity and the desire for a thrill propelled me to climb the hill. As I stood at the edge, contemplating, my host simulated a push, and I plunged into the pool from a height of around 10-15 meters. Overcoming initial struggles, the buoyancy of the wetsuit brought me to the surface, and the supportive hands of my companions added to the sense of triumph.

Exploring caves, navigating through cave pools, experiencing a rockslide roller coaster, descending with a rope – every twist and turn presented a new challenge and a unique thrill. This time, I ensured to capture my journey in visuals, creating a visual memoir of this distinct canyoning adventure.

With the tour completed successfully, I returned to Lake Bled, where a Slovenian restaurant treated me to a sumptuous grilled trout fish for lunch. As evening descended, I explored the charming old town once more, savoring the memories of the day’s escapades before retiring early. The next morning, I would board an early bus bound for the next chapter of my European journey – Bratislava, Slovakia.

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