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27th September 2019: The rhythmic hum of wheels against asphalt marked the beginning of my second Slovenian odyssey. The transit from Belgrade, meandering through Zagreb, and culminating in the embrace of Ljubljana set the stage for an adventure etched in night bus tales, hostel charm, and the allure of a foreign land.

Navigating the Night: Belgrade to Zagreb

As the clock struck 11 PM, the green Flixbus became my nocturnal chariot, winding through the night from Belgrade to Zagreb. The front seat, my sanctuary for the journey, positioned me amid the conversations of drivers and the occasional symphony of fellow travelers. The promise of a peaceful slumber was, however, met with the challenge of chatty fellow passengers, a nocturnal cafe pitstop, and the immigration queues at the Croatian border.

The night’s sojourn led me to the heart of Zagreb, where a pre-dawn dorm at 3F Hostel awaited. Priced at Rs. 800, the hostel offered a few hours of sanctuary before the next leg of the journey. Despite the occasional nocturnal disruptions, the charm of the dorm, silent roommates, and a special solo bed granted me the restorative sleep needed.
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3F Hostel: A Tranquil Respite

Nestled in Sigecica, the 3F Hostel proved to be a haven. With its clean facilities, new furnishings, and a welcoming atmosphere, the hostel offered a pocket-friendly retreat. The morning checkout was seamless, and the hostel’s proximity to the bus and train station, accessible by tram, made it a practical choice.

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28th September 2019: Ljubljana Beckons

Stepping onto Ljubljana’s bus station, my focus shifted to securing a locker for my luggage. Amidst the bustle, a bachelor’s party unfolded, presenting a playful challenge of wine and cheek-kisses. In the spirit of adventure, I embraced the cultural exchange, declining the wine but partaking in the conviviality.

With luggage secured, I set my sights on Hostel Sleeping Beauty, a charming abode within walking distance of the old town. The room, adorned with a small window offering glimpses of the streets, became my base for exploring the enchanting city.

As the day unfolded, Ljubljana beckoned with its tales, winding streets, and the promise of new discoveries in this haven of Slovenian charm.

Hostel Sleeping Beauty: Where Comfort Meets Enchantment in Ljubljana

Perched merely half a meter away from the historic Ljubljana Castle and a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the iconic Dragon Bridge, Hostel Sleeping Beauty beckons travelers into a realm of comfort and charm. Nestled less than 1 km from the vibrant city center and a mere heartbeat away from Metelkova’s captivating street art, this hostel promises an enchanting stay immersed in Slovenian allure.

A Tapestry of Amenities:

Immersed in the heart of Ljubljana’s cultural tapestry, Hostel Sleeping Beauty offers a curated set of amenities to make every stay memorable. The strategic location, a stone’s throw from the Dragon Bridge, makes city exploration a breeze. The hostel’s proximity to the renowned Skuhna bar and Metelkova street art further adds to its allure.

For those seeking a seamless arrival, the hostel provides airport shuttle assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into the Slovenian charm. Safety takes precedence with 24-hour security, offering guests peace of mind during their stay. Additionally, a convenient grocery delivery service caters to the needs of those who prefer to indulge in culinary delights within the comfort of their abode.

Luxurious Comforts Within:

Step into one of the seven well-appointed rooms, where the promise of a restful night’s sleep awaits. Feather-soft pillows and exquisite linens grace the beds, creating a haven of tranquility for weary travelers. Modern conveniences such as hairdryers, bathrobes, and plush towels elevate the stay, ensuring guests experience the epitome of comfort.

A Sojourn in Ljubljana’s Old Town:

After settling into the comforts of Hostel Sleeping Beauty, I embarked on a personal indulgence, treating myself to a rejuvenating hair spa at a nearby salon. The rain-kissed cobblestone streets of the old town beckoned, creating a picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll. As I meandered through the charming boulevards along the riverbank and bridge, the drizzle added a touch of romance to the already enchanting atmosphere.

Culinary Delights by the Riverside:

The evening unfolded with a culinary symphony, as I dined on delectable seafood risotto in one of the quaint riverside restaurants. The ambiance, accompanied by the captivating sight of a dog harmonizing with the tunes of a street musician’s trumpet, added a delightful touch to the evening.

Hostel Sleeping Beauty offers not just a place to rest but a portal into the magic of Ljubljana, making every stay a memorable chapter in the Slovenian journey.

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