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Embarking on my European escapade, Switzerland lingered as a dream destination, a crown jewel awaiting its moment. As my journey unfolded through other European gems, Switzerland patiently bided its time, patiently awaiting my arrival. The stars aligned during the last-minute Eid holidays, granting me the window to turn my dream into reality.

With a spontaneous road trip plan in hand, I set forth, weaving through the picturesque landscapes that awaited my discovery. Eid holidays brought unexpected joy, and Switzerland beckoned as the perfect canvas for a vacation painted with alpine wonders and cultural celebrations.

The serendipity of my trip reached its pinnacle when I learned about the Zurich festival coinciding with my visit. A wave of excitement swept over me as I anticipated immersing myself in the vibrant festivities of this renowned event.

Adding to the joy, my best friend Alka, residing in the enchanting city of London, eagerly joined the escapade. The prospect of celebrating Eid in the heart of Switzerland and spending quality time with a cherished friend fueled my anticipation.

As the wheels rolled and landscapes transitioned, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty that Switzerland unfurled before me. From the charming villages to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, every turn in the road revealed a postcard-perfect scene, painting an unforgettable backdrop for my vacation.

The Zurich festival, a cultural extravaganza, embraced us with open arms. The air resonated with the melodies of celebration, and the streets pulsed with vibrant energy. From traditional performances to culinary delights, the festival offered a sensory feast that mirrored the rich tapestry of Swiss culture.

With the festival serving as a prelude, my adventure continued into the heart of Switzerland, uncovering hidden gems, enchanting lakes, and iconic landmarks. As Eid unfolded in this picturesque haven, the joy of the festival merged seamlessly with the natural splendors that surrounded me.

My journey became a symphony of experiences – from the lively celebrations in Zurich to the serene moments by the pristine lakeshores. Each day brought new discoveries, blending the cultural richness of Eid with the timeless allure of Switzerland.

Alka and I, fueled by the magic of the moment, explored the enchanting cities, indulged in local cuisines, and basked in the hospitality of the Swiss people. The vibrant festival atmosphere infused our days with joy, creating memories that would forever be etched in the fabric of our friendship.

As the Eid holidays drew to a close, and my road trip through Switzerland concluded, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude. Switzerland had not only fulfilled a dream but had exceeded every expectation, leaving me with a trove of memories that would linger in my heart.

The unplanned road trip, the Zurich festival, the breathtaking landscapes, and the cherished moments with a dear friend – Switzerland had woven an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. My Eid holiday in this Alpine paradise was not just a vacation; it was a symphony of joy, culture, and the pure magic that is Switzerland.

Zuri Fascht: A Triennial Extravaganza Unveiled

Once every three years, the city of Zurich transforms into a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur as it welcomes the renowned Zuri Fascht, a celebration that transcends borders and ignites the city with a vibrant fusion of culture, music, and revelry. This triennial festival, lasting three days, stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for the 2.5 million visitors who flock from around the globe.

A Global Tapestry Unveiled: Zuri Fascht, a unique blend of folk festival, fair, and pulsating music, unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Zurich’s city center, along the serene lakeshores and meandering rivers. The streets come alive with market stalls offering a myriad of treasures, stages hosting live entertainment, and a funfair that infuses the air with a contagious festive spirit.

A Symphony in the Skies: One of the festival’s highlights is the awe-inspiring air shows and a 30-minute spectacular fireworks display that graces the skies over the lakes on Friday and Saturday nights. The burst of colors and orchestrated pyrotechnics add a mesmerizing touch to the festivities, making Zuri Fascht one of the largest and most anticipated festivals in Switzerland.

A Gastronomic Delight: For the epicureans, Zuri Fascht is a culinary odyssey. The festival boasts an array of eateries and stalls offering street food delights, ranging from traditional Swiss raclette to South African braai. Foodies can embark on a global journey, savoring flavors from Thai, Chinese, German, French, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Ethiopian, and beyond.

Entertainment Galore: The heart of the festival pulsates around the river Limmat and the lake, with the revelry spilling into the charming old town. Visitors are treated to aerial diving acts, wake-boarder stunts, skydiving displays, and airplane acrobatics. Strolling along the river and lake, spectators are captivated by the orchestrated tricks performed against the picturesque cityscape.

Ease of Access: Getting to Zuri Fascht is a breeze, with the main train station nearby, and tram and bus services operating around the clock during the festival. Travelers are advised to be equipped with return tickets, ensuring seamless transportation to and from the festival grounds. The ZVV app proves handy for purchasing tickets and tracking public transport.

Mark Your Calendar: While the world grappled with the challenges of a pandemic, Zuri Fascht found itself in a temporary hiatus. The festival, originally slated for 2022, has been postponed to July 2023, promising an eagerly awaited return and a triumphant celebration after the hiatus.

Why Zuri Festival?: Zuri Fascht, with its triennial recurrence, doesn’t hinge on a specific purpose or historical event. It’s a manifestation of Switzerland’s desire to revel in the joy of a particular holiday, whether it be the summer harvest or an occasion deeply rooted in history. Zuri Fascht is a testament to the spirit of celebration, inviting all to partake in the magic of this extraordinary triennial spectacle.

Zuri Fascht Chronicles: A Symphony of Lights and Festivities

First day when I arrived Zurich International airport and took metro towards the Zurich city center it was absolutely convenient travel. My accommodation was located in city center ; bit expensive but booked it by sharing basis with my friend Alka to avoid travelling during festival time be in comfort zone.

Hotel Central Plaza: Located at Zurich’s Central Square next to the main railway station. They have complimentary access to Gym next door and other facilities. Also features the Kings Cave grill restaurant located in the cellar and decorated with ancient mirrors and paintings. The Bahnhofstrabe is the most popular shopping street in few steps away from the hotel. Also there are lot of museums and art galleries, churches and banks.

1st July 2016 – Zurich Beckons with Zuri Fascht

As the wheels of the aircraft touched down on Zurich International Airport, I felt the palpable excitement that comes with exploring a new destination, especially when it’s about to erupt in a three-day celebration. My rendezvous with Zurich and the much-anticipated Zuri Fascht had begun.

A Central Haven: Hotel Central Plaza

Navigating through the efficient metro system, I found myself in the heart of Zurich’s city center. Opting for a centrally located accommodation, Hotel Central Plaza became my temporary abode. Nestled next to the main railway station, it offered not just convenience but a glimpse into Zurich’s vibrant spirit. The Bahnhofstrabe, Zurich’s renowned shopping street, was at my doorstep, tempting me with its allure.

Hotel Central Plaza, with its regal charm, featured the Kings Cave grill restaurant in its cellar, adorned with ancient mirrors and paintings. Complimentary access to the neighboring gym and proximity to various attractions made it an ideal base for my adventure.

Daytime Explorations: The Prelude to Festivities

With the festival buzz already enveloping the city, I embarked on a leisurely exploration. The shopping street came alive with locals setting up stalls in anticipation of the grand event. The air was filled with the promise of festivities, and stages were being erected for live music concerts.

After a delectable seafood risotto in one of the Italian restaurants, I gravitated toward Zurich Lake. The tranquil waters teemed with activities – boats gliding, water sports enthusiasts reveling, and the daring Red Bull cliff diving captivating onlookers from the bridge above. A short nap rejuvenated me for the evening ahead.

Evening Extravaganza: Zuri Fascht Unleashed

As the sun dipped below the horizon, I adorned myself for the night of revelry that awaited. The festival unfolded like a kaleidoscope, with souvenir stalls lining the streets, vibrant bars and clubs enticing passersby, and an infectious energy pulsating through the air.

Venturing into the lively crowd, I encountered a global congregation, each reveler contributing to the eclectic tapestry of Zuri Fascht. The streets were a playground of lights, music, and exuberance. Live music concerts echoed from different stages, representing diverse genres that resonated with the eclectic audience.

For a solo traveler like me, the experience was nothing short of magical. The Spanish bar’s sangria became my companion as I navigated the colorful chaos, embracing the freedom that solo travel brings. Amidst the lively crowd, I felt like I had landed on a vibrant, musical planet where celebration knew no bounds.

As the clock neared 8-9 PM, the night sky ignited with fireworks, a spectacular display that drew gasps from the crowd. Though the multitude limited my view, the distant bursts of color added an enchanting touch to the festivities.

With memories captured in fleeting glimpses and the joy of celebration lingering, I retreated to my room around midnight. The streets still echoed with revelry, but the tranquility of my room provided a haven for reflection. The first day of Zuri Fascht had unfolded, leaving me with a symphony of memories and the promise of more adventures in the days to come.

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