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16th January 2020

The pre-dawn air in Siem Reap carried a sense of anticipation as we, a diverse group of travelers, set out from our hostel for the much-anticipated day visit to the Angkor Wat temples. Accompanied by newfound friends from Chile and the USA (of Indian Punjabi origin), we embarked on a pre-booked day tour cab provided by our hostel. The camaraderie in our eclectic group foreshadowed the cultural tapestry we were about to unravel.

Our amiable guide, a font of knowledge about Cambodia and its rich cultural tapestry, accompanied us throughout the journey. The official ticket office became our gateway, and the process felt akin to a ceremonial initiation into the heart of Angkor Wat.

As we reached the threshold of Angkor Wat at 5:30 am, the promise of witnessing the sunrise over the ancient temple filled the air. The designated lakefront for sunrise viewing was already teeming with eager visitors securing vantage points. The guide, with impeccable timing, allowed us the freedom to relish the sunrise, revealing a truth that defied the romanticized depictions found in paintings and photographs. My strategic seating choice stirred murmurs from those behind, unaware of the revelation that awaited them.

At the designated meeting point by 6:30 am, I took the opportunity to introduce myself to fellow travelers. A pivotal moment unfolded when conversations pivoted around languages and stereotypes. A solo Indian female traveler from Gujarat expressed disdain for Chennai, asserting that Chennai residents lacked Hindi proficiency and education. Responding with grace, I advocated for linguistic diversity, dispelling stereotypes, and invited her to experience Chennai’s warmth on a potential revisit.

The ensuing temple exploration, led by our guide, showcased the intricate details of Angkor Wat. While absorbing the historical narratives, I found myself engaged in a parallel dialogue, capturing moments through pictures and videos. The camaraderie among the group deepened during our lunch break at a traditional Cambodian restaurant, where we savored local cuisine amid shared laughter.

As the day unfolded its wonders, we ventured into the heart of Angkor Wat, weaving through temples that echoed with tales of centuries past. Despite the weariness, the experience was nothing short of magical.

Returning to our hostel for a brief respite, the day continued its enchantment as I joined a Chilean friend and a USA traveler of Punjabi origin in exploring the lively Pub Street and souvenir shops. Language barriers occasionally left me feeling like a spectator, yet the shared smiles and the language of friendship bridged any gaps. The day concluded with a peaceful night’s sleep, my dreams painted with the echoes of Angkor Wat, promising another day of exploration in Cambodia’s cultural heart.

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