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Tucked away in the picturesque Anantnag District, a mere 12 kilometers from the bustling town of Pahalgam, lies a hidden gem awaiting discovery – the enchanting Aru Valley. Serving as the base camp for expeditions to the Kolhoi Glacier and Tarsar Lake, Aru Valley is a haven of scenic meadows and boasts an impressive collection of 20 alpine lakes that add to its allure.

Arrival at Aru Valley:
As I ventured into Aru Valley, the first thing I noticed was the sudden loss of network signals, a subtle reminder that this was a place untouched by the frenetic pace of modern connectivity. My chosen abode, the Milky Way homestay, proved to be a delightful retreat managed by a warm and welcoming family. The absence of internet facilities was a blessing, as it encouraged me to disconnect from the digital realm and immerse myself in the serenity that surrounded me.

Homely Hospitality:
The familial warmth extended by the hosts at Milky Way made my stay exceptionally comfortable, transforming me from a visitor into an honorary family member. Each meal, from breakfast to dinner, was a culinary delight, with freshly cooked, delicious food that left my taste buds longing for more.

Embracing Simplicity:
Aru Valley beckons you to embrace simplicity and savor the beauty of nature without the constant hum of mobile activities. The lack of network coverage became a blissful opportunity to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere that envelops this idyllic retreat.

Local Life:
Wandering through Aru Valley, I stumbled upon a small school where Kashmiri children in their school uniforms played joyfully, offering a heartwarming glimpse into the local way of life.

Hiking Adventure:
Eager to explore the natural wonders that surrounded me, I embarked on a two-hour hiking adventure in the company of a knowledgeable guide. The journey unveiled breathtaking mountains, lush green trees, shepherds guiding their flocks, and the soothing sounds of water streams – a symphony of nature at its finest.

Planning the Next Escape:
With a heart full of memories, I bid farewell to Aru Valley, heading back to Pahalgam for the next leg of my journey. Hotel Baisaran welcomed me for the second night, and a discussion with the owner revealed a tempting array of properties, including a romantic cottage near the water, promising spacious luxury for honeymoon couples or families.

Aru Valley, with its rustic charm and untouched beauty, stands as a testament to the allure of simpler living and the tranquility that nature generously offers. From the heartwarming hospitality of Milky Way homestay to the scenic wonders of the hiking trails, Aru Valley is more than a destination; it’s an immersive experience that lingers in the soul.

"Pahalgam: Unveiling the Charms of the Village of Shepherds"


Nestled in the heart of Kashmir, Pahalgam, often referred to as the “Village of Shepherds,” is a town that not only captivates with its natural beauty but also holds deep cultural and spiritual significance. This quaint haven is synonymous with the annual pilgrimage to the revered Amarnath Temple, drawing pilgrims and travelers alike. Join me on a virtual tour of Pahalgam, where every corner tells a story, and every experience is a testament to the enchantment of this heavenly abode.

Culinary Delights in the Market:

The market area in Pahalgam beckons with an array of restaurants, offering a culinary journey that celebrates Mughal delicacies. The aroma of spices, the sizzle of kebabs, and the warmth of local hospitality create a vibrant tapestry of flavors.

Key Attractions and Activities:

Pahalgam unfolds a tapestry of wonders, from spiritual sanctuaries to breathtaking landscapes and adrenaline-pumping activities.

  1. Amarnath Temple:
    • A sacred destination associated with the annual Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage.
    • The temple stands as a symbol of faith and devotion.
  2. Kolhoi Glacier:
    • A hanging glacier situated up the Lidder Valley.
    • A trek to this natural wonder promises awe-inspiring views.
  3. Betaab Valley:
    • Made famous by the Bollywood movie “Betaab.”
    • Ideal for hiking adventures, surrounded by lush green meadows and the soothing sounds of water streams.
  4. Lidder Valley:
    • Home to the meandering Lidder River and popular for trout fishing.
    • Riverside camping during the summer season offers a unique experience.
    • Spot musk deer in the mountain meadows, with Dachigam National Park nearby.
  5. Tullian Lake:
    • A serene lake enveloped in tranquility.
  6. Sheshnag:
    • A high-altitude lake offering a peaceful retreat.
  7. River Rafting (Seasonal):
    • Thrilling adventures await in the gushing rivers.
  8. Horse Riding to Valleys:
    • Explore the enchanting valleys on horseback, a quintessential Pahalgam experience.

Local Guides and Trekking Trails:

Pahalgam welcomes visitors with open arms, and the locals serve as knowledgeable guides to the hidden treasures of the valley, especially its trekking trails.

Departure and Pit Stop at Apple Valley:

As my Pahalgam adventure came to an end, I set out for Srinagar, but not before making a pit stop at the charming Apple Valley. Surrounded by apple trees on both sides of the highway, this idyllic spot is a haven for fresh apple enthusiasts, offering a delightful way to savor the region’s best produce.

Pahalgam, with its spiritual aura, breathtaking landscapes, and a myriad of activities, is a destination that invites exploration and leaves an indelible mark on the soul. From the tranquility of its lakes to the thrill of river rafting, every moment in Pahalgam is a chapter in a story of unparalleled beauty and adventure. Until our next adventure unfolds, Pahalgam remains a timeless destination where nature and culture dance in harmony.

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