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In the midst of hectic business schedules and partnership challenges, I found solace in the decision to embark on a spontaneous journey to Kashmir – a dream destination that had lingered in my thoughts for far too long. This three-day escapade proved to be the perfect remedy for rejuvenation, with the charming Aru Valley as my first rendezvous.

Arrival in Srinagar:

The journey commenced with a flight that made a brief stopover in Delhi before reaching the enchanting Srinagar. Upon landing, my eager driver awaited, ready to transport me to the tranquil haven of Aru Valley, where the promise of serenity and natural beauty beckoned.

Culinary Delights:

En route to Aru Valley, we made a delightful pit stop at a wholesale dry fruits shop, immersing ourselves in the rich flavors of Kashmir Kahwah. This traditional brew, crafted by boiling green tea leaves with saffron, cinnamon bark, and roses, captivated my senses. Served in a copper kettle known as a “Samovar,” Kahwah was accompanied by the crunch of almonds and walnuts, a drizzle of honey, or a touch of sugar. It was a sensory experience that resonated with the region’s cultural richness.

Scenic Marvels:

As we traversed the landscape, my gaze was captivated by the golden mustard farms, providing picturesque backdrops for memorable photographs. The journey was complemented by the cool breeze that enveloped us, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Along the way, I discovered the renown of Kashmir willow bats, renowned for their quality and durability, showcased in numerous shops that dotted our path.

Hill Station Charms:

Ascending the hill station route, a panorama of valleys, rivers, and water streams unfolded before my eyes. The vibrant hues of greenery, juxtaposed against majestic mountains, created a visual spectacle that left an indelible mark on my soul. The promise of a retreat in Aru Valley became increasingly palpable as nature’s grandeur revealed itself at every turn.


This impromptu sojourn to Kashmir, with Aru Valley as its inaugural destination, became an immersive experience that transcended the ordinary. From the delectable Kashmir Kahwah to the scenic wonders of mustard farms and the allure of Kashmir willow bats, every moment was a celebration of the region’s unique charm. Stay tuned for the next chapter as I delve deeper into the enchanting landscapes and hidden gems of this mesmerizing destination.

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