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In the heart of Estonia, where time seems to echo through cobblestone streets and centuries-old fortresses, lies the captivating city of Tallinn. As the capital and cultural epicenter of this Baltic gem, Tallinn offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modern vitality. Join me on a journey through the ages, where ancient settlements, medieval trade, and a thriving contemporary spirit converge in a unique Tallinn experience.

Ancient Footprints: A 5000-Year-Old Tale:

Tallinn’s roots delve deep into history, with traces of human settlement discovered by archaeologists dating back an astounding 5000 years. The city’s narrative unfolds as a testament to resilience, evolution, and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants. Tallinn isn’t just a city; it’s a living canvas where each cobblestone carries the whispers of millennia.

Toompea: A Fortress in Time:

Our journey begins with Toompea, the fortress that stands as the sentinel of Tallinn’s history. Built-in 1050, Toompea resonates with echoes of ancient battles and strategic foresight. Today, it transforms into a residential haven, hosting embassies, government offices, and the esteemed Estonian Parliament. As we wander through Toompea’s labyrinthine streets, we become part of a living history, where the past converges with the present.

Historical Tapestry: Three Parts of Tallinn’s Soul:

Tallinn unfolds in three distinct chapters, each revealing a different facet of its soul:

  1. Cathedral Hill or Toompea: This elevated enclave, crowned with architectural marvels, embraces the city’s present while safeguarding its past. As the residence of embassies, government offices, and the Estonian Parliament, Toompea is a living testament to the enduring spirit of Tallinn.
  2. Old Town: Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town stands as a medieval masterpiece. Once the bustling center of trade and the “city of the citizens,” its narrow alleys and historic buildings transport visitors to an era of knights, merchants, and artisans. Old Town is not just a destination; it’s a journey through time.
  3. Estonian Town: South of Old Town, a hidden gem awaits in the form of the Estonian Town. Here, the contemporary pulse of Tallinn beats in harmony with historic echoes. A vibrant district where past and present coexist, offering a dynamic contrast to the medieval charm of Old Town.


Tallinn is more than a city; it’s an immersive experience through the annals of time. From the ancient footprints discovered by archaeologists to the medieval allure of Old Town and the harmonious blend of past and present in Estonian Town, each facet contributes to the vibrant mosaic that is Tallinn. As we navigate through this living history, Estonia’s capital unveils itself as a destination where every cobblestone tells a story, and every glance reflects the essence of a city that has stood the test of centuries.

Navigating the Night: A Solo Arrival in Tallinn's Enigmatic Old Town

Embarking on the final cruise of the day, the enchanting allure of Tallinn’s Old Town awaited me as the port gates closed behind the last departing passengers. Little did I know, my journey was about to take an unexpected turn, navigating the quiet, car-free streets in search of my haven for the night – Zinc Old Town Hostel.

Alone in the Enchanting Silence:

As the cruise docked in the Tallinn port, I found myself standing amidst the closing echoes of departing travelers. The once bustling port now stood silent, secured with a complete system that marked the end of the day’s maritime activities. It was time for me to find my way to Zinc Old Town Hostel, a sanctuary I had booked through the trusted platform,

Lonely Streets and a Helping Hand:

As the last passenger waiting for a cab, I watched as the port gates sealed behind me. The streets of Tallinn’s Old Town, usually vibrant, now lay quiet and mysterious. With luggage in tow, confusion set in, and I roamed the car-free streets, attempting to decipher the path to my hostel. Lost in the labyrinth, a passerby sensed my dilemma and offered a helping hand. I showed him the hostel address, and with a friendly nod, he guided me to the entrance.

A Sleepy Reception and a Warm Welcome:

Arriving at Zinc Old Town Hostel, the main door stood locked, a signal to press the call button for assistance. The door creaked open, revealing a tired yet welcoming face at the reception. The late hour did little to dampen the warmth of the staff member who, despite his drowsiness, graciously provided all the necessary information and handed over the key to my room.

Ascending to Comfort:

The room, a cozy abode for a solo traveler, welcomed me with a sense of relief. Shared facilities were impeccably clean, and the shared kitchen offered a space for culinary endeavors. The hostel, though silent in its nightly repose, felt like a comforting haven for the lone wanderer.


Navigating the silent streets of Tallinn’s Old Town under the cover of night turned out to be an unexpected adventure, where the solitude of the surroundings only heightened the sense of enchantment. In the end, Zinc Old Town Hostel became more than just accommodation; it was a refuge in the heart of a captivating city. As I settled into the welcoming embrace of my room, I couldn’t help but appreciate the kindness of strangers and the solace found in the midst of the night’s quietude.

A Day in Tallinn: From Hostel Comfort to Exploring Estonia's Hidden Gems

Nestled just 100 meters from the iconic Town Hall Square, a cozy haven awaits near Tallinn’s old town – an affordable sanctuary for wanderers seeking comfort and convenience. Join me on the 7th of May, as the day unfolds from a restful night in this centrally located hostel to a whirlwind exploration of Estonia’s breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems.

Hostel Bliss in the Heart of the City:

The strategic location of the hostel, a mere stone’s throw from the historic town hall square, makes it an ideal retreat for travelers. Proximity to the city’s vibrant cafés and clubs within walking distance adds to the allure. For those seeking both budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation, this hostel emerges as a top recommendation, promising a delightful stay for any traveler.

A Day of Discovery:

With the morning sun casting its glow, I set out on a mission to explore the day’s adventures. Around 8 am, the tourist information center near the old town square became my first destination. Anticipation filled the air as I aimed to pre-book a day tour to unravel Estonia’s hidden treasures.

Discovering Lahemaa National Park and More:

The tourist information center suggested a walking tour starting at 10 am, and without hesitation, I booked a day tour encompassing Lahemaa National Park, Jägala Waterfall, a fisherman’s village, and the intriguing Rebala Museum. As excitement built, an unexpected hurdle presented itself – my trusted tripod was broken, leaving me with a sense of loss akin to a vital limb.

A Race Against Time for a New Tripod:

Undeterred, I embarked on a race against time. Rushing to the city center’s shopping mall, I scoured camera shops for a replacement tripod, feeling the urgency as the clock ticked towards the meeting point deadline. With a new companion in hand, I made my way back to the tourist center, leaving behind my old tripod in the care of the friendly information center staff.

A Guided Journey with a Knowledgeable Chauffeur:

At the meeting point, a friendly female tourist guide and chauffeur awaited, leading a group of around 10-12 eager explorers. Her wealth of knowledge on the diverse sites and warm demeanor transformed the day tour into an enlightening and enjoyable experience. The cab became our vessel, navigating the enchanting landscapes as we delved into the rich tapestry of Estonia’s natural wonders.


From the comforts of a centrally located hostel to the thrill of exploring Lahemaa National Park, the day in Tallinn unfolded as a perfect blend of restful retreat and exhilarating discovery. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over Estonia’s hidden gems, I couldn’t help but appreciate the seamless harmony of convenience, adventure, and hospitality that made this day in Tallinn truly unforgettable.

8th May 2019-Tallinn's Timeless Charm: A Tale of Towers, Biryani, and Nighttime Whispers

In the heart of Estonia’s capital, a city with a tapestry woven from medieval cobblestone streets and Gothic towers, my day unfolded in Tallinn’s old town. Led by a knowledgeable female tour guide, the historic districts of Upper Town and Lower Town unraveled their tales, leaving me mesmerized by the cultural richness that defined this enchanting city.

Upper Town: A Glimpse into Heritage and Panoramic Views

The journey began in the Upper Town, a realm where history whispered through iconic landmarks:

  1. Lutheran St. Mary’s Cathedral: A testament to Tallinn’s religious history, this cathedral stood tall, inviting reverence with its intricate architecture.
  2. Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: A visual masterpiece, this cathedral adorned the skyline with its domes, telling tales of cultural diversity.
  3. Estonian Parliament Building: Nestled within Toompea Castle, this structure echoed with the weight of political history.
  4. Toompea Hill Viewpoint: A panoramic vista unfolded, revealing the city’s beauty from a lofty perch.

Lower Town: A Stroll through Medieval Marvels

Descending into Lower Town, the tour unfolded with tales of medieval splendor:

  1. Medieval Merchant Houses: Rows of these houses lined the streets, whispering secrets of Tallinn’s commercial past.
  2. Olaf’s Church: Once the world’s tallest building, this church stood as a silent witness to centuries of change.
  3. St. Catherine’s Passage: A picturesque lane, this passage encapsulated the timeless charm of Tallinn’s old town.
  4. Town Hall Square: With its Gothic town hall and the world’s oldest pharmacy still functioning, the square exuded an air of historical significance.
  5. Liberty Square: A vibrant hub where live concerts lit up the evenings, bringing the city to life.

Biryani in the Shadows of Towers:

Post-tour, I meandered through the Main Square, stumbling upon the Maharaja Restaurant. Amidst medieval grandeur, I savored Biryani, a taste of home in the heart of Estonia. The square buzzed with souvenir shops, tempting me to take home a piece of Tallinn’s winter charm in the form of woolen hats and coats.

Nighttime Whispers and a Change of Plans:

As evening approached, the city’s nightlife beckoned. However, the clubs remained closed on weekdays, and a sense of caution in the nighttime led me back to my hostel. The tranquil streets revealed glimpses of Tallinn’s nightlife potential, promising an adventure for those more daring.

Homeward Bound:

The next day, as the clock struck 11 am, my journey continued. With memories etched in cobblestone streets and the shadows of towering spires, I bid farewell to Tallinn. The cruise set sail, carrying me towards Helsinki, leaving behind a city that had woven itself into the fabric of my travels, leaving an indelible mark on my wanderer’s heart.

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