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Embarking on a spiritual odyssey, I found myself drawn to the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, seeking solace and divine connection in the sacred sites of Međugorje and the historical village of Počitelj.

MEĐUGORJE: Where Heaven Meets Earth

Nestled in the Bosnian landscape is Međugorje, a place that transcends the ordinary, known for the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary. It was on June 24, 1981, that the first whispers of divine presence echoed through this village, as two children claimed to have witnessed the ethereal beauty of Our Lady. Subsequent visions unfolded, revealing a young woman with an infant in her arms on Podbrdo Hill.

Vicka, a 16-year-old visionary, described the indescribable beauty of Our Lady, a beauty that emanated from love itself. In her own words, “Her beauty cannot be described, and it is not our kind of beauty. Something ethereal and heavenly, which could be seen only in paradise.” Our Lady’s gentle response to the question of her beauty was profound: “I am beautiful because I love. If you want to be beautiful, then love.”

My Encounter with Divine Grace: A Personal Reflection

My journey to Međugorje had been a long-awaited pilgrimage, a spiritual longing fulfilled. Stepping onto this sacred ground, I immersed myself in the Bosnian mass ceremony, despite the language barrier, feeling the resonance of prayers echoing through the air. The aura of the church and the tranquil atmosphere enveloped me in a sense of divine presence.

Disappointment struck as I couldn’t undertake the long hike to the apparition hill due to time constraints. However, the souvenir shops offered a glimpse into the spirituality that permeated this place. Though my visit was brief, a lingering sense of connection compelled me to return and explore the hills where heavenly apparitions had unfolded.

POCITELJ: A Historical Tapestry Unfolds

Venturing beyond Međugorje, I found myself in the embrace of Počitelj, a historic village and open-air museum that stands as a testament to the Middle Ages. Nestled along the Neretva River, this village is a natural amphitheater, echoing with the whispers of history.

As I strolled through the ancient streets, I marveled at the medieval architecture and the timeless stories etched in the stones. Počitelj offered a glimpse into a bygone era, a living testament to the resilience of human civilization.

A Short Journey with a Promise of Return

My day in Bosnia was a brief encounter with its spiritual and historical gems. Despite the short duration and the long wait at the Croatian border, the allure of Bosnia lingered. It became clear that this journey was not a one-time affair but a beckoning to return, explore more, and unravel the layers of this captivating country.

As I returned to Dubrovnik, tired yet spiritually enriched, Bosnia whispered promises of future adventures, road trips, and deeper explorations. A night of tired sleep awaited me, but the dreams were filled with the echoes of Međugorje and Počitelj, urging me to return and unveil more of their sacred stories.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, a land steeped in history and natural wonders, beckoned me with its mystical charm. Yet, as my journey unfolded, I discovered that this captivating country held even more treasures than I could explore in a single visit. Here’s a glimpse of the enchanting sites that remain on my bucket list, each promising a unique and unforgettable experience.

Blagaj: A Riverside Retreat

Just a short 40-minute journey from Međugorje lies the picturesque village of Blagaj. Nestled at the river spring (Buna) under the watchful gaze of the historical Dervish monastery, this village exudes a timeless charm. The 10th-century fortress, Stjepan Grad, crowns the hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. Blagaj, with its blend of history and natural wonders, awaits my return for a deeper exploration.

Križevac Hill: A Testament in Stone

Above the village of Međugorje stands the solemn Križevac Hill, known as the Cross Mountain. A towering cross, erected in 1934 to commemorate 1900 years since the death of Jesus Christ, dominates this sacred site. Pilgrims ascend this hill, tracing the way of the cross, offering prayers and reflections. My heart longs to revisit this hill, to partake in the spiritual journey it unfolds, a testament in stone to faith and devotion.

Podbrdo Hill: Where Apparitions Dance

Podbrdo Hill, or Apparition Hill, whispers tales of divine encounters, where the Virgin Mary graced the children with her presence. As I missed the chance to ascend this hill and stand in the shadow of the colossal statue of Our Lady of Međugorje, the desire to return intensifies. The promise to pray the rosary on the way up lingers as a sacred invitation to witness the dance of apparitions and feel the divine energy that enlivens this hallowed ground.

Una National Park: Nature’s Symphony

Situated a mere 90 minutes from the renowned Plitvice Lakes National Park on the Croatian border, Una National Park remains a symphony of untouched beauty. Its cascading waterfalls, pristine rivers, and untouched landscapes create a haven for nature lovers. The anticipation of exploring this natural sanctuary heightens, promising a journey into the heart of Bosnia’s wilderness.

Jajce: A Tapestry of History and Waterfalls

Jajce unfolds as another jewel waiting to be discovered. The Pliva Waterfall, a spectacular display of nature’s artistry, beckons travelers on a road trip through this historic town. The allure of Jajce’s cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, and the rhythmic melody of cascading waterfalls is a chapter yet to be written in my Bosnian adventure.

Sarajevo: A City of Stories

The capital city, Sarajevo, remains an unexplored narrative in my Bosnian journey. Steeped in history, this city resonates with stories of diverse cultures, resilience, and the echoes of a bygone era. Its streets, adorned with architectural marvels, mosques, and synagogues, await my footsteps, promising a cultural immersion like no other.

Kravica Waterfalls: Nature’s Embrace

Nestled in the Bosnian landscape, the Kravica Waterfalls paint a mesmerizing portrait of nature’s embrace. The opportunity to spend a day swimming in the river, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sound of cascading water, is an experience that calls out to me. Kravica Falls, open from May to October, promise a refreshing escape into the heart of Bosnia’s natural wonders.

As I reflect on the chapters left unwritten in my Bosnian tale, I find solace in the anticipation of a return journey. Each unexplored site holds the promise of new stories, spiritual revelations, and a deeper connection with the rich tapestry of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until then, these hidden gems remain suspended in the canvas of my travel dreams, waiting to be unveiled in the chapters yet to come.

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