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12th October 2016

As my transavia airlines flight descended into Budapest, the anticipation of exploring the city’s renowned spas and vibrant nightlife filled the air. The journey, albeit okay, was but a prelude to the enchantment that awaited in the Hungarian capital.

Arriving at Budapest airport, I embarked on the only way to my destination – a mini-bus ride to “The Hive Party Hostel” (Dob utca 19, Budapest 1074, Hungary). Fellow travelers accompanied me on this short transit, and I was pleasantly surprised by the efficient service, a prelude to the Hungarian hospitality that would define my stay.

The hostel, my temporary abode, greeted me with dim lights and an odd smell, a stark contrast to the anticipation that usually accompanies a new accommodation. Yet, the receptionists, with their warm assistance, managed to overshadow the initial impressions. Their guidance on must-do activities in Budapest transformed the ambience, setting the stage for my exploration.

An Evening Stroll and Culinary Delight

Eager to shake off the journey fatigue, I set out on a night-time exploration, capturing blurry yet evocative glimpses of Hungary’s streets. The iconic #Hungary street sign became a subject of my lens, though the nocturnal setting challenged photographic clarity.

The journey led me to the streets surrounding my hostel, where I stumbled upon a culinary gem – “Chicken Paprika.” The flavors danced on my palate, an early testament to Hungary’s culinary prowess. Energized by the delightful meal, I continued my nocturnal adventure through Budapest’s streets.

Shopping Expedition: A Quest for Warmth

As the chill in the air became more apparent, I embarked on a mission to combat the cold. The branded shopping streets beckoned, and my quest for warmth led me to familiar names like H&M and Forever. Hungary’s unexpectedly high prices were a revelation, but H&M proved to be a savior, offering a stylish jacket at a reasonable cost.

Raindrops joined the evening symphony, prompting me to secure an umbrella for the journey ahead. Budapest’s shopping scene, despite the chilly weather, unfolded as an unexpected delight.

In retrospect, Hungary may be deemed pricier than anticipated, yet the night’s adventures unveiled a city pulsating with life, culinary treasures, and unexpected shopping gems. My Budapest escapade had just begun, promising a blend of thermal indulgence and nocturnal wonders in the days to come.

Budapest Pub Crawl Chronicles: Navigating the Nightlife Extravaganza

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Hungary’s capital lies a nightlife tapestry waiting to be unraveled – a symphony of music, laughter, and eclectic venues known as the famed Pub Crawl. As I ventured into Budapest’s renowned Jewish quarter, home to the iconic ruined bars, I embarked on a night of revelry and unexpected adventures.

Around 10 pm, I arrived at the designated meeting spot for the original Pub Crawl, organized by a group of spirited youngsters. A word of caution echoed in my mind – Budapest’s nightlife had its fair share of imitations. Numerous faux pub crawls lured unsuspecting travelers, promising revelry but hiding darker intentions. A friendly reminder to be vigilant, especially when diving into the city’s nocturnal wonders.

Defining Pub Crawl: A Night of Exploration

What is a Pub Crawl? It’s a journey through Budapest’s dynamic pub and bar scene, a curated experience of music, drinks, and the pulsating rhythm of the night. The allure lies not just in the libations but in the camaraderie forged as you traverse different pubs with fellow revelers. VIP entry and free drinks await, and the convenience of bypassing long entry queues adds an extra dash of excitement.

The original Budapest Pub Crawl organizer introduced me to a group of spirited Brazilians – doctors and engineers by profession – who generously agreed to be my companions for the night. Language barriers initially had us in stitches, as they teased me in Portuguese, only to switch to English for a more inclusive conversation.

Midway through our revelry, a mysterious figure approached, urging us to leave for another pub immediately. Alarm bells rang in the minds of my newfound companions, prompting them to seek clarification from the original organizer. Shockingly, the stranger was not part of the legitimate pub crawl team, and suspicion loomed over his intentions.

Dancing Through Ruin Pubs: A Night of Euphoria

Guided by the legitimate organizer, our journey unfolded across 4-5 ruin pubs, each a unique blend of history, vibrant music, and contagious energy. Dancing beneath the crumbling walls of these iconic venues, I found myself immersed in a celebration of life, meeting fellow travelers and sharing the joy of the night.

As the clock struck midnight, the organizer bid us farewell in the last pub, granting us the freedom to navigate the remaining night at our own pace. Still sober after sipping on a few glasses of red wine, I navigated the lively streets of Budapest, bustling with revelers immersed in the city’s energetic nightlife.

Budapest’s Pub Crawl had not only showcased the city’s dynamic spirit but also become a canvas for forging connections, unraveling stories, and embracing the enchantment of the night. As I retired to my hostel, the echoes of laughter and music lingered, leaving behind memories of an unforgettable Pub Crawl in the heart of Hungary’s bustling capital.


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