What can I expect from Scotland?

Scotland in Nutshell:
Scotland is a part of United Kingdom bordering with England in southeast and surrounded by atlantic ocean. Within the northern isles and the Hebrides archipelagos , it includes 790 islands.

Climate: Temperate and Oceanic
Economy: Edinburg is the 17th largest finance center in the world.
Shipbuilding in Glasgow, coal mining and steel industries

Currency: Royal bank of Scotland, Pound

Culture: Scottish Music, Scottish Instruments – Great Highland bagpipe, Harp, fiddle and accordion

Cuisine: Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy products, cock-a-leekie soup
National Drink: Im-Bru (Scottish whisky)

Sports: Football, Golf and other sports includes Highland games, curling, shinty and boxing


  • 5 International airports – Aberdeen, Edinburg, Glasgow,Inverness and Glasgow Prestwick
  • Network Rail
  • Water Ferries

Language: Scottish and English

Places to see in Scotland



Medieval old town and georgian new town with gardens and classical buildings. Edinburgh castle in mid of city with home to scotland's crown jewels and the stone of destiny used in the coronation of scottish rulers.


Loch ness

Loch ness a deep, large, freshwater loch in highlands best known for alleged sightings of Loch ness Cryptozoological monster(nessie).



Glasgow a port city on the River Clyde with famous Victorian art nouveau architecture with rich trade city and ship building. National cultural Home to institutions including Scottish opera, Ballet, national theatre and museums.



A City where the river ness meets the Moray Firth. Largest city and the cultural capital of scotland mostly famous for Inverness cathedral.


Isle of Skye

Connected with bridge to northwest known for its rugged landscapes, fishing villages and medieval castles. The largest island in the inner hebrides archipelago. This fishing town features harbourside pubs and boutiques.



Highlands with Scenic beauty of Glen includes Ben Nevis & GlenCoe National Scenic Area.Home for mountaineering with popular hillwalkers & climbers.

Activities in Scotland


The Jacobite Steam Train


Loch ness Boat Tour


Eilean Donan Castle


Best Tour Operators

Experienced and Researced with Best Tour Operators for Group Tour booking or Solo Travel to book as complete packages to explore highlands


Accommodation – As a solo female traveller, it is always necessary to take proper accomodation in a comfort zone in order to stay safe and secure. Same time, chose the budget and comfort private rooms in homely atmosphere within apartment, Bed & Breakfast, hostels and airbnb. Some 3-Star hotels are best with good deals in prices can be considered for luxury stay.

Food – Scottish Cuisine is nothing but Burgers, Sandwiches, Soup, Fruits and Vegetables. Scottish whisky is national drink and you can find variety of beverages in pubs and bars everywhere. I would suggest to carry a take away always as incase the restaurants mostly closed after 5:30pm especially in villages and towns.

Transportation – If you want to travel between London to Edinburg Trains are best and suggested. I would recommend to Pre-book Virgin trains through online for better experiences. Otherwise, there are almost 5 International airports mentioned above. Apart from these best experience is through road trip or you can pre-book packages through reputed tour operators.


Important Links – Below are the recommendation links when you plan to travel to Scotland

Scenic Driving Routes

Angus Coastal route

From Dundee to Aberdeen which takes the beautiful coastline and countryside of the east of Scotland. With length 103km (68miles) and duration for drive would be approx. 1hour 40minutes

Argyll Coastal Route

From the west coast scenery of Argyll from Tarbet to Fort William by viewing mountain landscapes and loch views. With length 208km(129miles) and duration for drive would be approx. 2hours 55minutes

Borders Historic Route

From Carlisle to Edinburg discovering the mesmerizing scenery of the Scottish borders through the south of Scotland. With length 143kms(89miles) and duration for drive would be approx. 2hours 20minutes

Clyde Valley Route

By following the River Clyde from Abington to Hamilton through farmland and hills journey from the bustling town of Hamilton near to Glasgow. With length 61kms(38miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 30minutes

Deeside Tourist Route

Along the highest main road-the A93-from Perth, via Cairngorms National park to Aberdeen. With length 174kms(108miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 2hours 55minutes

Fife Coastal Route

From Kincardine to Newport on Tay with the impressive views of Forth bridges along sparking coastline. Passing seaside towns, farmland and beautiful beaches. With length 124kms(77miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 2hours 10minutes

Forth Valley Route

From Edinburg to Stirling discovering top attractions and historic towns. With length of 69kms(43miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 1hour 30minutes

Galloway Tourist Route

From Gretna to Ayr in south west of scotland through picturesque landscapes which inspired Robert Burns. With length of 148kms(92miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 2hours 10minutes

Highland Tourist Route

From Aberdeen to Inverness through the heart of Highlands passing through rugged landscapes of Cairngorms National Park and Charming towns. With length of 187kms(116miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 2hours 50minutes

Moray Firth Route

From Inverness to the Mound on Loch Fleet through the north east corner of the highlands around the beauly of Inverness, cromarty and Dornoch Firths. With length of 128kms(80miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 1hour 50minutes

North & West Highland

From Ullapool to John o’Groats with most magnificent scenery of wild mountains and lochs, foaming salmon rivers,coastlines with sea cliffs and secluded sandy bays. with length of 254kms(158miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 3hours 45minutes

North Coast 500

From and to Inverness is the best driving roads in scotland with ultimate highlands roadtrip experience. With length of 805kms(500miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 13hours 35minutes(might take several days to complete NC500)

Perthshire Route

From Greenloaning to Ballinluig following rugged splendour of Glen, cultivated landscapes, Aberfeldy and Grandtully. With length of 69kms(43miles) and duration of drive would be approx. 1hour 15minutes


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