After a day filled with enchanting escapades—waterfalls, lush tea plantations, and picturesque roads—the allure of Sri Lanka continued to beckon me. The next leg of my journey commenced at the crack of dawn, a trek to the heavenly Horton Plains. As I embarked on this adventure, little did I anticipate the magical moments awaiting me.

Our journey began with a pit stop at a dairy farm, a chance to savor refreshments amidst the foggy and freezing weather. Freshly prepared tea tantalized my taste buds, providing a moment of warmth against the chilly backdrop. The mist veiled the mountain views, adding an air of mystery to the surroundings.

The entry to Horton Plains was nothing short of heavenly, a fantasy world shrouded in dreamy white mist. As I waited in line for the entry pass, I struck up conversations with fellow travelers, including a group of lively ladies from Bangalore. The camaraderie led us to decide on trekking together, and to our amusement, the ladies orchestrated a playful gate-crash to expedite our entry.

The trek unfolded across an open plain with lush green grasslands, a stark departure from the usual landscapes of Sri Lanka. The beauty was accentuated by native species like ferns, orchids, and Old Man’s Beard adorning the trees. The plains had a mystical charm, with many visitors speculating that this could be the mountain from the Himalayas where Lord Hanuman carried a piece for medicinal herbs during the Ramayana period.

As our trek progressed, we reached a breathtaking spot known as World’s End, a cliff with a sheer vertical drop of 4000 feet. The fear of heights didn’t deter me; instead, I ventured closer to the edge, urging my companions to witness the beauty. The panorama was mind-blowing, and the experience was shared with newfound friends against the backdrop of misty landscapes.

Continuing our journey, we encountered another cliff named “Mini World’s End,” a 1000-feet drop that offered a different perspective of the landscape. Both cliffs were spectacular, and the trek fulfilled my desire for thrilling experiences.

Further into the trek, we navigated towards Baker Waterfall. The path was challenging, involving climbs, descents, and navigating through roots and muddy trails. While some of my companions were fatigued, the thought of reaching the beautiful waterfall spurred my energy. The path culminated at a bridge-like barricade offering a picturesque view of the waterfall. Undeterred, I sought permission from my driver and dared to get closer, experiencing the touch of the rushing water. The act, captured in photographs, earned admiration for its audacity.

After a day filled with trekking, our tired and hungry group concluded the journey around 3 pm. To our surprise, my driver invited us to his home for a traditional Sri Lankan lunch, prepared by his mother. The culinary delight was a testament to the warmth and hospitality of the Sri Lankan people.

Post-lunch, we bid farewell to the ladies and proceeded to Lake Gregory during the evening. The journey through dreamy landscapes, enchanting waterfalls, and the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality had made this day a true fantasy, solidifying Sri Lanka’s status as heaven on Earth.

“Group of Travellers from Russia”

“Little Worlds End”

“My Drivers home and his mom”

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