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13th October 2017

As the wheels of my Icelandic adventure rolled into the quaint town of Hella, little did I know that the night would unfold into a celestial spectacle. Hella, nestled on the ring-road that encircles Iceland, revealed itself as not just a stopping point on my journey but as a front-row seat to the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights.

Hella: A Gateway to Iceland’s Wonders

Hella, a petite town in south Iceland, wears many hats—it’s a resting haven for weary travelers, a launchpad for exploration, and a canvas upon which the sky paints its nightly wonders. Situated conveniently on the ring-road, Hella beckons visitors with promises of adventure and natural splendors.

An Unplanned Haven: A Night in Hella

Unlike my usual practice of pre-booking accommodations, Hella charmed me with its unassuming allure. It was a spontaneous choice, driven by the road-trip spirit, and little did I fathom that this decision would lead to a rendezvous with one of nature’s most dazzling displays.

Reveling in Recreational Delights

Hella, despite its modest size, unveils a tapestry of recreational activities for the intrepid traveler. From fishing in the nearby river Ranga to horse riding through scenic landscapes, the town caters to diverse tastes. Hikers find solace in Hella, as it serves as a gateway to the captivating trails of Þórsmörk and Landmannalaugar.

Tours and Activities: Crafting Memories in Hella

As I explored the town, I discovered a plethora of tours and activities that promised to weave unforgettable tales. The Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike, an immersive glacier experience, invited adventure seekers to tread the icy realms. For those drawn to volcanic allure, the Thorsmork Volcano Hike promised an exploration of otherworldly landscapes. The South Coast, Waterfalls & Glacier Hike tour, a blend of nature’s finest, unveiled the breathtaking beauty of Iceland’s southern reaches.

Under Hella’s Night Sky: Aurora’s Grand Performance

The evening in Hella unfolded with a subtle promise—an inkling that the night sky held secrets waiting to be unveiled. As darkness embraced the town, I found myself along the banks of the Ranga River, eyes fixed on the celestial stage above. The Northern Lights, an ethereal ballet of greens and purples, gracefully painted the Icelandic sky.

Riverside Reverie: Nature’s Light Show

The river Ranga, a silent witness to the celestial spectacle, mirrored the dancing lights above. It was an intimate communion with nature, as the lights wove tales of cosmic energies and earthly wonders. Hella, in its unplanned splendor, became a theater where the Northern Lights took center stage, enchanting all who dared to look up.

A Night to Remember: Hella’s Gift of Aurora

As the night in Hella unfolded into a symphony of colors, I stood on its riverbanks, grateful for the serendipity that led me to this unassuming town. Hella, with its blend of recreational offerings and unexpected celestial shows, etched its name in my Icelandic sojourn as the town where dreams met reality under the canvas of the Northern Lights.

Exploring Hella: A Tapestry of Adventures

In the heart of south Iceland, Hella unfolds as an adventure hub, offering a myriad of experiences that epitomize the country’s natural grandeur.

  • Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike: Explore ancient ice formations and witness the resilience of Sólheimajökull on this frosty expedition.
  • Thorsmork Volcano Hike: Traverse volcanic landscapes in the valley of Thor, where fire meets ice in a captivating geological saga.
  • South Coast, Waterfalls & Glacier Hike: Immerse yourself in the trilogy of nature’s elements, from Skogafoss to Solheimajokull Glacier.
  • Ranga River: Flowing through Hella, the Ranga River adds a touch of serenity to your Icelandic sojourn.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Bakeries, restaurants, and supermarkets showcase Icelandic culinary prowess.
  • Relaxation Retreats: Unwind in hot tubs and swimming pools, rejuvenating after days filled with exploration.

In Hella, every adventure becomes a harmonious blend—a melody that resonates with the spirit of Icelandic escapades.

A Cozy Retreat under the Icelandic Sky: Uxi Guesthouse Chronicles

Nestled in the heart of south Iceland, the Uxi Guesthouse proved to be more than just a place to rest—it was a gateway to celestial wonders and a haven of warm hospitality. Booked into a twin room on the first floor, I soon discovered that this accommodation was not just a stopover; it was a chapter in my Icelandic adventure.

Centrally Positioned: A Traveler’s Delight

The Uxi Guesthouse stands as a testament to the allure of strategic location. Situated at the center of south Iceland, it effortlessly became a hub for exploration, offering easy access to the region’s wonders. From cascading waterfalls to rugged landscapes, this guesthouse was a springboard for unforgettable experiences.

Homely Vibes: Twin Room Comforts

My chosen abode for the night welcomed me with open arms, providing a twin room that exuded warmth and comfort. The first floor, my retreat for the evening, offered a perfect blend of simplicity and snugness. As I settled into the twin room, I couldn’t help but appreciate the homely ambiance that set the stage for a restful night.

Furry Companions: The Twin Dogs of Uxi

One of the unexpected delights of Uxi Guesthouse came in the form of its furry residents—twin dogs with personalities as charming as their owner’s hospitality. Polite and adorable, these canine companions added a touch of joy to the stay, creating an atmosphere of friendliness that went beyond human interactions.

A Northern Lights Extravaganza: Nature’s Grand Show

As night descended over Uxi Guesthouse, an unexpected spectacle awaited. The Northern Lights, those elusive dancers of the Arctic sky, decided to grace us with their presence. The dark canvas above transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors, as the aurora borealis painted the night with hues that seemed to defy the cold and freezing weather.

Under the Arctic Symphony: A Night to Remember

Wrapped in layers against the biting chill, I stepped outside to witness nature’s grand show. The Uxi Guesthouse, usually a tranquil retreat, became the front-row seat to the celestial symphony. The multi-colored display of the Northern Lights danced above, casting an enchanting glow on the Icelandic landscape.

Uxi Guesthouse: More Than Shelter

In the heart of south Iceland, Uxi Guesthouse transcended its role as a mere accommodation. It became a home away from home, a witness to celestial wonders, and a place where the hospitality of both humans and their furry friends left an indelible mark. As the Northern Lights bid their magical adieu, Uxi Guesthouse lingered in memory as more than shelter—it was a part of the Icelandic tale I was fortunate to unfold.

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