As the wheels of the car rolled along the coastal road, I found myself on a journey toward serenity—a retreat to Bentota, a haven that promised respite and romance by the sea. The anticipation of discovering uncharted beauty and embracing the tranquility of the beach fueled my excitement as I embarked on this picturesque escapade.

Upon arriving at my destination, I was greeted by the effervescent landlord, a Sri Lankan host whose warm welcome transcended mere hospitality. A garland of Hawaiian flora adorned my neck, and a refreshing organic tender coconut drink awaited, setting the tone for the blissful retreat that lay ahead.

My abode for the next two nights was a dreamy cocoon—a room adorned with Hawaii flora, a bed enveloped in tulle curtains, and a view that painted a romantic narrative. Across the river stood a resort, and to the right, the beach unfurled, connecting seamlessly with the river—a harmonious blend of nature’s elements.

The evening unfolded with a scenic boat ride to the beach, an enchanting journey that encapsulated the ethereal beauty of Bentota. The sun dipped below the horizon, casting hues of orange and pink across the sky. With every passing moment, the waves whispered tales of distant lands, and the rhythmic dance of the sea became a soothing lullaby.

As the night descended, Bentota’s charm continued to captivate. The next day, the landlord extended an invitation to explore—a scenic walk and water sports beckoned. Hesitant at first, my reservations melted away as encouragement prevailed.

Together with a fellow traveler, we ventured to experience the thrill of the water. The Sri Lankan host, buoyant with enthusiasm, guided me through my first jetski ride—a heroic display that left me in awe. The nervous anticipation transformed into exhilaration as we sailed through the waves. A banana boat ride ensued, adding a sprinkle of adventure to the seaside escapade.

Returning to the haven, a sumptuous Sri Lankan lunch awaited, featuring Parippu (dal curry) with rice and Pol Sambol (coconut relish). The flavors mirrored the richness of the island, a culinary journey that complemented the seaside retreat.

Evenings were reserved for strolls along the beach, where the sea, in all its grandeur, whispered tales of timeless romance. Each sunset was a masterpiece, a canvas painted with hues of warmth and tranquility—a visual symphony that resonated with the melody of the waves.

In the arms of Bentota’s enchanting embrace, time seemed to stand still, allowing me to revel in the beauty of the sea, the warmth of hospitality, and the allure of an idyllic retreat by the shore.

“Cruising towards the beach”

“My Room 🙂 Hotel Orchid”

“View from my Room”

“Mesmerising Sunset of Bentota”

“My First Jetski Experience”

“Outdoor view from the resort”

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